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19th Annual Men with Caring Hearts Awards Luncheon

Friday, April 16th, 2021
A Thanksgiving Message from the CEO
Dear Friends,

How can I even begin to express my gratitude to you this past year?

You were there for us when it mattered most! When we faced the greatest threat of our 50-year history, you helped us survive it. When our entire nation shut down, you stepped up to make sure we stayed afloat another day for the children and families who count on us.

I don’t need to tell you that 2020 has been one of the most challenging and stressful years in living memory. As it often happens, the lives of the most economically at-risk families – the families we serve – were thrown into tumult and uncertainty.

Those same families kept our society from falling into chaos by working essential, frontline jobs, making sure everyone had what they needed to weather this storm.
Your generosity ensured these hardworking families could continue to rely on the Fuller Center at this time, even as everything else in their lives turned upside down! When you gave from your heart, you gave the peace of mind of dependable, affordable, and COVID-safe child care and early education. You gave them the support they needed so their households didn’t spiral into crisis.

Can you imagine what our community would look like today if those hundreds of children and families had been allowed to slip back into poverty and desperation?
Because of YOU, that didn’t happen. Because of caring and responsible individuals like you, these children and families continued their journey of education for another day, working toward stable, self-sufficient, successful futures regardless of the greatest international turmoil we’ve seen in decades.

This holiday season, when these families gather over a meal with a roof over their heads, gratitude in their hearts, and bright futures ahead, it will be because of you.

You gave them a powerful gift – the compassionate hand up they needed to break cycle of poverty, even when they were at greatest risk of repeating it. Your impact this past year cannot possibly be overstated!

I wish you a safe and joyous holiday season. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Ellyn Okrent, LCSW
Chief Executive Officer
Your Year-End Gift
Make your tax-deductible donation to a local child in need!
Urgent COVID-related needs included in this year's Gift Guide - YOU can help protect our children and staff!

2019 Impact Report
YOU and our caring community made a difference in the lives of hundreds of children and hardworking families last year. We thank our supporters for a 2019 that helped us evolve!

For helping us Give Thanks Together
Inaugural Fuller Center event celebrating family, community, gratitude, and togetherness a success!
The Fuller Center hosted a virtual community dinner Giving Thanks Together on November 7th, focused on the importance of coming together during this time of isolation to enjoy a delicious meal and meaningful conversation with friends, family, and neighbors!

This event was made possible by compassionate members of our community. All proceeds directly benefitted the children and families of the Fuller Center.

Special thanks to Presenting Sponsor Gary Peters Family Foundation, and Event Chairs Tara & Matt Pawlowski and Katherine & Scott Van Wyngarden for their leadership and support!

Special Feature
SafeSun Foundation recognized for Fuller Center's new East Campus sunshade
Community Partner SafeSun Foundation was recognized on WPTV West Palm Beach local news for their assistance in erecting a sunshade over the Fuller Center East Campus playground, protecting our children as they play outside!
Pumpkin Decorating a Smashing Success!
Fuller Center children show their creative spirits for the fall season
Happy Thanksgiving from the Children!
After-Schoolers celebrate a socially-distanced pre-Thanksgiving meal with friends
Stay Safe and Protect Others!

Please visit our website for updates regarding COVID-19 and family resources. 
How You Can Help
Monthly Giving: Become a Champion for the Children

Just $10 a month can provide two children with school supplies all year. Monthly Giving is safe, easy, and incredibly impactful, ESPECIALLY now!

Spread the Word: Open Enrollment for 2020-2021

If you or anyone you know in South Palm Beach County is in need of affordable child care, CLICK HERE to learn more about enrolling at the Fuller Center, the most affordable NAEYC-accredited child development center in Boca Raton.

Some classes are still looking for an Adopt-a-Class Sponsor! For a donation of $1,500, you can provide resources for a classroom of children, investing in their futures and changing their lives! Will you, your family, or corporate team be the special friends our children need?

Contact Adopt-a-Class liaison Emily at (561) 391-7274, ext. 130 or email to learn more!
Chromebook Fund:
Closing the Digital Divide

Children growing up in poverty risk not learning the skills needed for the careers of tomorrow! Now in the time of physically distanced virtual learning, access to these resources is critical. You can help prepare our children to be tech-literate for a fast-paced, digital future.

Click Here to donate toward the Chromebook Fund!
Did You Know?

According to the Harvard Center for the Developing Child, young children benefit significantly from relationships with responsive caregivers both within and outside the family. Close relationships with nurturing and reliable adults don't interfere with the strength of a young child’s primary relationship with his or her parents - in fact, multiple caregivers promote young children’s social and emotional development.
Leave a Legacy

Click Here to email Director of Advancement Mary Coleman to learn more about how you can make a lasting difference for decades through Planned Giving!

Your legacy is every life you've touched. ~ Maya Angelou
Thank you for staying updated with the happenings at the Fuller Center, for staying involved in the children's lives, and making their futures brighter every day!