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  Kenya Peaberry    

The Backstory:
This quality peaberry coffee is grown in the rich volcanic soil of the Nyeri District in the southern part of the famous Mt. Kenya, and fully washed in fresh river waters then sundried on raised beds.  The Gikanda Farmers Cooperative Society was established in 1996 and now has 3,152 members, 33% of whom are women who grow coffee on 312 hectares of land just north of Nairobi.

Cupping Notes:
Well balanced, tea-like with lively acidity and notes of grapefruit, lemon rind, caramel and vanilla.
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      Deep South 
The Backstory: 
This blend is an American craft roaster's answer to French Roast big and dark, but with more depth and nuance than a typical French roast.  Great by many prep methods, including espresso.

This image was shot by Louisiana photographer Gail Dixon on Lake Martin, Louisiana.  Gail submitted it in response to our request for photos - to us, this photo just evokes the Deep South.

Cupping Notes: 
Huge body. Smoke, leather, pipe tobacco, hints of dark fruit.
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Happy Thursday! 
I don't know about you, but I've had quite enough of this crazy weather.  80 degrees one day, then 40 degrees the next.  Tornado watch, flood watch.  Some areas are still getting snow.  OK, Mother Nature, April Fool's Day was 2 1/2 weeks ago.  Time to move onto some consistent weather.  

If you are living in an area that still has snow, try some of our hot chocolate mix.    We have been serving our homemade hot chocolate at local farmers markets for a few years now.
Customers have asked if we sell the mix anywhere.  Until this point, the answer was "no".
We are happy to introduce our hot chocolate mix to the public to make at home.
Using high quality cocoa is what sets our hot chocolate apart from others.

If it's hot where you live, iced coffee may be the answer.  Our Mexico Chiapas makes a wonderful iced coffee.  People ask us if we use the cold brew method to make iced coffee.  The answer is "no".  We simply put the left over coffee in the refrigerator, overnight, and the next day, tada, you have iced coffee.

Don't like iced coffee?  We have an entire line of teas that would be great as iced tea.  And we have disposable tea bags, called T-sacs, for your loose leaf tea.

Whatever the weather may be, we have coffee or tea to serve all of your needs!

Have a great weekend!
Debbie, Jim and Sean




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