Whiz Kid Support Newsletter | August 2020
What's your backup plan?
You've probably heard it before - always make backups. Many computer users do not think about data backups until they have a hard drive crash. If they have a backup plan in place, it often goes untested and they have no idea if it would even work should they need to rely on it.

Experiencing data loss can be devastating. Think of what can be lost:

  • Digital photos of family and friends that can't be recreated.
  • Email you have sent or received.
  • Financial documents.
  • School work.

While your computer equipment is very reliable, it's not a question of IF it will fail. It's a matter of WHEN it will fail. Eventually, even the most reliable equipment will stop working. 
Data recovery services, when it is even possible, are very costly to perform.

Before you experience a data loss, give us a call at 774-778-2800 or click on the Request for Service button below and we'll surprise you at how affordable and reliable a good backup solution can be!
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