What's your feeling about "real" electronics vs. the seemingly inevitable wave of electronics through programming?
"What concerns me is the future of electronics in general. Years ago, I was among the proponents of the coming wave of software radios and other programmable hardware. Why solder when you can reconfigure a device in software? Well, it all makes sense - unless, of course, every electronic device becomes a subscription service."

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Real Electronics

I'm no Luddite, but suddenly, my "real" electronics gadgets and instruments look more appealing. There's something about the feel of real components - components that I can replace if defective - that leaves me with a feeling of certainty and control.
Not Just For Looks         
I have an old AA5 (All American Five) radio that keeps burning out the 35W4. Each replacement lasts for three months or less, and they aren't cheap. I don't have this problem with the other tubes in the set, so I assume there is something in the circuit causing this. Any ideas?
Flight Computers for Sounding Rockets

Sure, launching model rockets is cool and all, but what if you could incorporate some science and learning into the fun, too. How high did it go, exactly, and what did it do along the way? What happens when the rocket drifts to Earth out of sight? With one of these as your payload, you're not just entertaining the kids - you're launching a sounding rocket and doing real science.
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There has been quite a bit of news lately about so-called "ransomware." Can someone explain how it works and is there a fool-proof way to ... 

I have an older model Hunter SRC sprinkler controller that came with my house. Recently, the unit has been "resetting" to 12:00 am rather than keeping time.

With high powered laser prices dropping like crazy, I decided to pick up a 3W blue laser from eBay for $50 to experiment with. I'm concerned about eye damage and ...

I have a water softener that needs pellet salt added to a brine tank. I'm trying to figure out a circuit to detect when I need to add salt.
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RF Oscillators

Previously, we learned what makes an oscillator do what it does, and tried a simple low frequency example. Now, it's time to move up - in frequency - to the oscillators which make the signals that drive the ham's wireless world.      
I need a circuit to monitor nine low-level audio signals with nine LEDs. For example, when there is a signal on input one, LED #1 lights up; when there is a signal on input two, LED #2 lights up; and so on.
Serial I_O Data Interfaces_ Part 2

Here is a rundown of some of the high speed gigabit serial interfaces that dominate I/O today. When you think about it, what electronic product does not have a serial interface? I can't think of one. We all use at least one of these interfaces regularly.                
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Raspberry Pi with Java_ Programming the Internet of Things _IoT_
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Raspberry Pi with Java: Programming the Internet of Things (IoT)

Take a project-based approach to developing skills that both hobbyists and professionals can learn from. By starting with simple projects based on open source libraries, hobbyists can get immediate results without a significant investment in time or hardware.

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