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Repairs to pavement always brings questions of best methods and materials. During the life of a pavement, several types of repairs may be necessary to maintain, preserve and adjust the pavement, including spalling repairs, joint rehabilitations, lighting trench retrofits and many more. The go-to solution for many is Delpatch™  Elastomeric Concrete. It provides a long-term solution and continues to outperform several other types of repair materials. At D.S. Brown, we understand the demands and needs of a quality repair material to perform well, and to perform well the first time it’s installed. We have worked tirelessly to provide a material with optimal installation and performance qualities.

A key to Delpatch’s success is its unique characteristics. These have built the great reputation of Delpatch’s performance and use. The flexibility of Delpatch allows the material to perform well in extreme freeze-thaw conditions, such as found at Denver International Airport (DIA) and Kansas City International Airport (MCI), while also providing strong bonding capabilities to handle high-traffic and heavy load airports, such as at the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT). Many commercial and general aviation airports benefit from Delpatch’s ease of use, whether it’s on a maintenance schedule or on capital-funded projects.

For a more in-depth look at Delpatch, we recently released a new video showcasing the installation instructions and applications. We hope the video will further educate those who are new to Delpatch or need an update on best installation practices. If you have any questions or inquiries regarding Delpatch Elastomeric Concrete, please do not hesitate to contact us at (419) 257-3561.
Delpatch installation on Air Capitol Flight Lines in Wichita, Kan.
From Mark Williams, PE, Garver: "I have specified Delpatch for nearly two decades to provide long lasting solutions to airfield pavement distresses. My initial installation of Delpatch is still performing well.
“Delpatch is a proven product with long lasting performance, but what I find most pleasing is the technical support from the D.S. Brown employees. They are as willing to develop solutions for our clients as we are. They are true team players. 

“On a recent project for Air Capitol Flight Lines in Wichita, Kan., the D.S. Brown team met with our client to develop solutions to their concrete spalling issues and guide them through the installation process to reduce their maintenance efforts on an expansive aircraft parking apron. 

Our client was happy that we introduced them to D.S. Brown and the Delpatch product. It is our preferred product to improve pavement conditions without a major impact to aircraft operations.”
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FROM ROADS & BRIDGES: Legislators in 37 states have introduced 185 bills aimed at boosting transportation investment in the first two months of 2019,  a new analysis  from the American Road & Transportation Builders Association’s Transportation Investment Advocacy Center (ARTBA-TIAC) finds.
This number is higher than the amount of legislation  ARTBA-TIAC tracked over the same time period last year and is projected to grow as additional measures are introduced throughout the year.
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Product Focus
Delpatch™ Elastomeric Concrete
Permanent concrete repairs are achieved with Delpatch™ Elastomeric Concrete, a 2-part polyurethane patching material mixed with proprietary aggregates. It is self-leveling and has a rapid cure time. Delpatch uses a unique urethane chemistry to provide a flexible patch that will deflect as surrounding concrete expands and contracts, rather than destroy it.

Under bitterly cold conditions Delpatch withstands heavy impact, unlike epoxy and concrete-based materials that shatter. With outstanding anti-spalling properties, Delpatch is a long-term solution for high-performance pavement repairs. 
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