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"Continuous personal and professional development is your key to the future."

~Brian Tracy
What's your plan?
It happens at the beginning of each fiscal year. I am asked, "What are your professional development goals for this year?" This question sends me to my professional develpoment plan for reflection and review. Do you have a plan? Is the idea of developing one seem overwhelming? Here are some thoughts as you work to develop your own professional development plan.

  • Self-assessment According to, a self-assessment is an evaluation of your professional interests, knowledge, and skills. When you examine your skill sets, your strengthes and weaknesses, and your habits and desires you wll find it easier to indentify the gaps that need improvement to reach your goals.
  • Goal Setting The gaps that were identified in your self-assessment can be goal identifiers. Research shows that people who have goals are more successful. Furthermore, if you take the time write down your goal(s) and share them with others, you begin holding yourself accountable.
  • Action What are the strategies you will need to put to action to reach your goal? Consider different approaches that can include experiential learning, a mentor-mentee relationship, and education.

When you put your professional development plan together, consider 'action forward' strategies offered at Prevention First. Be sure to visit our website at to look for classroom, virtual-classroom, online, and webinar training events. Additionally, you will find resources available for free/low cost as well as technical assistance specialists ready to assist you with various prevention strategies.
Strategic Prevention Framework

The Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) can seem daunting the first time around. The Alcohol Policy Resource Center has compiled resources to help ease the process. The SPF Resource Guide lays out each step while providing questions to consider. The APRC has also created two microlearning videos available on our YouTube channel on the Strategic Prevention Framework and on SPF Community Assessment . Once your Assessment is complete, your data gives you options for strategies and policies to address the real issue. The APRC infographic on Alcohol Prevention Strategy and Policy Selection will help point you in the right direction. Finally, if you would like Technical Assistance, the APRC is here for you. We can provide assistance on the Strategic Prevention Framework, any step in the SPF, strategy and policy selection, and capacity building on strategy and policy. 

If you have any questions, please contact Kellie Henrichs or Jody Heavilin .
We understand these are challenging times! We want to remind you that even though we can not be together right now in classroom training, we are still here to help!

Prevention First Training and Technical Assistance staff can assist you in adjusting your prevention plans. 

We can assist you by: 

  • Brainstorming solutions to adjust your prevention plans given the current challenges 
  • Identifying resources to build your capacity and further your professional development 
  • Identifying ways to plan for SFY21 and make improvements to your programs and services 
  • Connect you with the resources you may need 

For technical assistance or questions contact:

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Recorded Webinars
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Have you visited the RESOURCES section of the Prevention First website? We create and collect helpful resources for substance use prevention and related issues. Resources include printable documents, video links, full toolkits and curriculums, resource guides, tip sheets and links to agencies that have even more resources.

Highlighted this month are the resources gathered to help continue substance use prevention during this global pandemic. Click the graphic above to jump in!