Great job sending last week's press release everyone. I had media contacts reach out to me for more content because YOU took time to connect in your community. Let's keep that momentum going because...

It's officially PA Produce Month!

This video does a great job of summing up why and how Pennsylvanian's should celebrate this momentous month. You can also find it on the PA Veggies' website and Facebook .
This week, in addition to sharing the PA Produce Month video, focus on sharing your story.

In one of our 2019 PA Produce Month blogs, we set up a loose #paveggies road trip itinerary for Pennsylvanians to follow or become inspired by. With each stop, we include a fun fact.

What makes you and your operation special? What's your story? How did you get into vegetable farming? Why do you grow what you grow? Is there a particular event that you're well known for? What is it about farming that really fills you with pride?

Share these unique anecdotes with your customers at market, on social media, or use the press release template and tell your local media outlets.

Need help crafting your story or spreading the word?
Let me know:
Email [email protected] or call 484-955-3817.

PS - if you missed our last email, or emails from previous years, they're now accessible HERE via an email archive on .
The Pennsylvania Vegetable Marketing and Research Program is a statewide marketing order established by a grower referendum, governed by a grower board and funded by grower assessments. The Program’s sole purpose is to serve the vegetable growers of Pennsylvania by promoting Pennsylvania-grown vegetables and funding practical vegetable production research. Consider liking PA Veggies on Facebook ( PAVeggies ), following along on Instagram ( @PAVeggies ), subscribing to our YouTube channel, and using #PAVeggies to find and share your homegrown PA happiness experiences.

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