Online Survey for community recreation programming priorities now open

Si View Metro Parks is conducting a survey to gather information about area residents’ recreation programming and service needs. This online survey is open June 12-30, and will take 10-15 minutes to complete. What should future programming and services look like? How are they best delivered? What is missing from our community? How do we maximize public spaces for recreation access? Some District residents were recently selected to take part in a random, statistically-valid community survey by mail. If you participated in that process, thank you! If not, we would love to hear from you now.

This survey is part of creating a Si View Metro Parks Program Plan to define strategies, services, and direction for public recreation programming to meet the needs of the growing community and advance the District’s mission. The Program Plan development process began in December 2020 and will be concluded later this year. The process involves several community engagement opportunities, data analyses, and comparisons to industry standards. More information about this project is available on our website.

We appreciate your time and look forward to hearing from you soon!