What story are you telling yourself?


I hope you had a great Easter this past Sunday. I had a nice & productive one. I watched a Joel Osteen sermon "Tell yourself a new story", took a walk outside, did 2-10 minute 3 pound weight sculpting Pilates DVD's, got a lot of things done at the house, watched 2 movies, and read more of my latest book.

I'll share some of Joel's half hour sermon "Tell yourself a new story" which I feel can help you in your life & career:

When you get your story in line with what God says, you'll be able to do things you'd never be able to make happen. Your gifts, talents, & experience can't come out the way they should because of the story you're telling yourself.

Don't let the wrong story hold you from your greatness. God has already written all the days of our lives. Could it be the wrong story is holding you from rising higher? Victory starts in your mind. The scripture says, "Be careful how you think because your thoughts run your life." Keep the right story playing in your mind. The story you tell yourself will come to pass.

You may have a good reason to have a negative story. But, you have to dig down deep and delete that negative story and believe things will change.

You need to tell yourself, "I will get well, I will lend & not borrow, I will break this addiction, I will accomplish my dreams."

Give God something to work with. You can't see your new story when you got the negative story playing. Sometimes we have a false sense of humility; everyone else is great, smarter, prettier, or more talented. You can't keep discounting yourself. God put gifts in us. You need to tell yourself, "I am valuable, I am favored, people love being around me."

We have enough people that are against us. Don't be against yourself as well.

Don't deny your problems or weaknesses, tell yourself a new story.

Feel free to click on the sideways triangle with the circle around it on the image of Joel Osteen below to hear his "Tell yourself a new story" sermon I discussed above.



Latest Testimonial

Latest Testimonial

Shree (Jariwala) Pitzer, Senior UX Designer & Strategist posted on my LinkedIn profile as of 4/9/22.

I’m a senior-level UX Designer looking for a comparable role at a start up company. I needed to hire a professional for a job interview practice session for feedback & assistance on communicating in a less harsh, but still straight forward professional manner.

I chose Carly over the other LinkedIn professionals because of her clear proposal and we really connected at her free, no obligation call. Carly was advising me at the call the importance of dressing one-level up where you’re interviewing when I had mentioned how my industry didn’t dress up.

I appreciated how she was able to get her point across by sharing about “Common Knowledge” (an educational TV game show that asks common knowledge questions in various categories & contestants in teams of 3 can win up to $10,000). Carly shared how one of the questions asked how you should dress for a job interview in a casual environment & that the correct answer is one-level up from casual.

At the remote job interview practice session with Carly, she went over 10 of the toughest, yet common interview questions employers ask that she compiled & asked me. After letting me answer each question, she provided feedback & a sample response. Carly also provided recommendations on my dress attire & appearance. Since we worked efficiently & effectively together, I was even able to squeeze in 2 other interview questions that weren’t included since we were ahead of schedule. I much appreciate Carly answering them on the fly; & her feedback, examples, & sample responses really helped.

I’d definitely recommend Carly Calabrese for preparing for your next job interview. She listened carefully to my answers & questions, was organized, & a knowledgeable professional.

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