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February 18, 2021
New This Week
This week is the first Sunday of our Lenten journey. Our worship will be lead by our 7th graders. Come enjoy the lessons from our readings as these students take us through the service.
If you are in 4th - 6th grades:
Join us for our BYG this Friday,
at 6:30pm

Wednesday Services
What the “Lent” is going on?
Lent can be a good break from life! Busyness, anxiety, responsibilities, alienation, or even the temptation to compare our lives to someone else can be overwhelming. In all honesty, this world likes to push us around and tell us we are less than. Thankfully, Jesus has come for all of us to know a different way of living and seeing the world from God’s perspective.
During the Wednesdays of Lent we will be focusing on the theme “Embodied.” A liberating way of integrating our thinking, actions, emotions, and spirituality to live for God. Plan to use the spiritual discipline of Lent to see how mind, body, heart and soul are called to be in-line with our daily thoughts and actions as Christians.
Embodied for Lent will take on many ways to feel deeply and have a sense of wholeness. Beyond our weekly livestreamed worship on Wednesdays (6:30pm), we have daily devotionals, coloring pages, discussion after worship and a host of other ways to connect. Join in, be made whole, and see God’s love come to life!
Confirmation Class Reminder For Lent: Through Lent we not be having formal class time with students, however the expectation is that students attend our virtual worship service. The service will be on Wednesday nights at 6:30pm livestreamed on Facebook (Feb 17, 24, Mar 3, 10, 17, 24). This will also be a great time to get worship notes completed - available through our online portal.

I did not include the dates for Holy week April 1 & 2 since they are not Wednesday.
Your Invitation to Alpha
You are invited to take part in our newest Alpha group. Have you ever wondered about your purpose? Or thought, “Where is God?” You are not alone. We encourage you to gather with us on Zoom to explore faith, life and meaning. Why? Because Alpha is a place where questions create community and we look forward to getting to know you and to building connections and community with you. Especially in this time when many of us feel disconnected. Watch the Alpha Trailer for more information.

Alpha can help remind us of why we can continue to have hope.
Please, put this date on your calendars: Tuesday, February 23rd, at 6:30 p.m.

We look forward to meeting and sharing Alpha with you.
Contact Tina to join our Alpha Group.

In Faith and Hope,
Denise Barnaal and Lynn Brummond
Your Alpha Hosts

Kwik-Trip February Bonus
We at CTK will earn double points when you buy KwikTrip scrip this month. Now that the weather is warming a bit, this is a great time to get your vehicle wash!
In Case You Missed It
Look in your email for this years Lent Devotional and interactive coloring pages. Let us know if you would like a paper copy. We will have booklets available in the tote outside of church.
Let starts with Ash Wednesday, February 17th.
Social Media
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Scrip Available

Remember we have gas and grocery cards available for all your shopping needs. Please contact Aubrey by email or phone to let her know what you would like by Tuesday. Scrip that we have on hand will be ready for you to pick up on Thursday. If we order it we will let you know when it comes in. Pickup would be 8:00-1:00 Mon-Thur. Please bring exact amount as we will not have change on hand.
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