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March 27th - April 4th

LA - Saturday - 5:06 am
NY - Saturday - 8:06 am
LON - Saturday - 12:06 pm
SYD - Saturday- 10:06 pm

This is the season of the Eclipses with the New Moon Eclipse on the equinox still resonating, and the next, lunar/full moon eclipse on the 4th of April heating up.

It's a powerhouse of energy! Think magnified full moon arcing through the sky, with the gods of change riding shotgun.

What change?

Good old Uranus, sudden events that tip the apple cart and free us up to do more than what we thought possible, is still square Pluto, god of the underworld and harbinger of deep psychological transformations. Both are linked to the eclipse, channeling that energy into laser beam focus.

Mercury, communications, Jupiter, expansion and Saturn, ambition are all connected as well. You'll want to have a look at your chart and see where 14 degrees of Aries and Libra are (what houses?) to hone in on where this energy is likely to play out in your life.

These two signs express the energy of their rulers, Mars and Venus. It's the balance between will and willingness, give and take, self and other. Mars and Aries orient towards self-awareness where Venus and Libra orient towards awareness of the valued other. Where Mars wants to dominate and win control, Venus wants to share, give and receive. Our job is to allow for both so we are empowered creators in our own right, with connections and companionship along the way.  

 Are we up for some contrast in April?



But remember what Jeannette Maw says about that - contrast is what fuels the system, so it's still all good, no matter what. Check out her full moon eclipse support: How to Not Hold Anything Against Anyone Any More

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Happy Eclipse Season , everyone!

Light, Love and Alignment - 
Jeannette & Kim

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