DECEMBER NEWS: Why We're on a Mission to Help Conservation Organizations
A Note From Our Founder : Earth Mother & Proud Tree Hugger

Just about 10 years ago, I was brought to a dinner party by a good friend. By way of introduction, my friend announced that I was visiting from Vermont where I was in grad school. Someone said, “Grad school in Vermont? With all the hippies up there?” My friend replied, “Yep, she’s a Tree Hugger!”
I remember bristling at the time, both because I worried the crowd wouldn’t respond well to the Tree Hugger label, and also because I never really thought of myself that way. (Truth be told, I bristle at pretty much any label applied to people – labels are for food and packages. Not for humans.) But I realized later that being called a Tree Hugger was actually a critical moment for me. From that point on, I started to embrace my innate passion for nature, conservation, ecology, and protection of our natural resources... FULL ARTICLE HERE

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Due to Recent TAX REFORM...

(1) Businesses can no longer deduct entertainment expenses.

(2) Deductions like moving expenses, investment fees, and unreimbursed business expenses are GONE.

(3) The Blue Fox team has been busy researching, attending IRS conferences and strategizing to help our clients maximize the deductions they can still take!!
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