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ISSUE NO. 4-2016 / MARCH 12, 2016 
VETO: SB 109 - Legalizes Canned Hunting
HEC is joining our allies at Indiana Wildlife Federation in calling on Governor Pence to veto SB 109, the  bill that legalizes -- and allows the expansion of -- canned hunting in Indiana. SB 109 directs the Indiana Board of Animal Health to regulate these highly controversial fenced preserves where captive raised deer, elk and exotic goats and sheep can be shot, in violation of the "fair chase" principle, by customers of the preserves. However, the operating standards for fenced shooting preserves are inadequate to prevent captive deer or sheep from escaping and potentially spreading disease to Indiana's wild deer.

If SB 109 becomes law, Indiana is not only legitimizing a dangerous and unethical industry, it is encouraging it to expand with weak oversight and exposing Indiana taxpayers to a potentially substantial liability for cleaning up a disease outbreak at one of these facilities or in our wild deer herd.

Take Action Now: Please contact Gov. Pence and ask him to veto SB 109!
VETO: HB 1053 - Tramples Rights of Local Communities to Address Plastic Bag Problems
Americans throw out about 100 billion plastic bags each year! Such plastic bags can litter our landscape and our waterways -- and poison wildlife. Fortunately, 130 cities across our country have passed policies to curb our needless use of single-use plastic bags, which can take 500 years to degrade. 

Unfortunately, Indiana's cities may not be a part of the solution: If HB 1053 becomes law, it would be illegal for cities in Indiana to try to curb their use of plastic bags (through a tax or a ban on single use plastic bags, for example).

Don't let state lawmakers boss our cities and towns around. Let local communities decide!

Take Action Now: Urge the Governor to veto HB 1053!
VETO: HB 1386 - Undermines Local Input in Shaping Our State Parks
Legislation intended to enable a controversial and privately owned banquet center to be built in the Indiana Dunes State Park is on its way to the Governor's desk. HB 1386  would grant the necessary alcohol permit to the proposed development, which was previously denied by the local alcohol beverage commission after a lengthy and deliberative public process.

Although HB 1386 was prompted to allow the environmentally damaging Dunes development to proceed despite overwhelming public opposition, it will have broader, state-wide impacts by completely removing the opportunity for public input into DNR ' s alcohol permitting process at all state parks. DNR should be in the business of protecting our state parks -- not serving the economic interests of private developers.
Take Action Now:  Email Governor Pence and urge him to veto HB 1386!
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