Contact Sen. Donnelly: Vote "No" on Trump EPA Nominee

The Trump nomination of Scott Pruitt -- who has sued the U.S. EPA 14 times -- to head U.S. EPA creates dangers for those who have counted on the U.S. government to ensure that all Americans, rural or urban, poor or well-to-do, have the right to clean air and safe drinking water. Please read the Hoosier Environmental Council's recent editorial in the Louisville Courier Journal  to understand the special risks that Pruitt's selection poses to states like Indiana.

TAKE ACTION: We urge you to then contact U.S. Senator Joe Donnelly by leaving a voicemail at (202) 224-4814 or by writing him here and ask him to vote "No" on Pruitt's nomination to head the U.S. EPA. However the Senator votes, he needs to hear from you -- he needs to know that there is a strong environmental constituency in Indiana! Pruitt's confirmation vote could take place early next week - so contact Senator Donnelly this weekend!
Urge Your Legislators to Invest in Indiana's Environment!

Our state budget provides much-needed funds to protect our environment and the health of all Hoosiers. Yet currently only 1% of Indiana's overall budget is allocated to conservation and the environment (i.e., the budgets of both the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) and the Department of Natural Resources (DNR)). The situation is even more stark considering that both agencies have endured budget  cuts over the last 10 years. Reduced funding  has left both IDEM and DNR operating without adequate staff for many of their responsibilities. 

In addition, funding for the Benjamin Harrison Trust is dramatically lower than its historic levels, which means that many priceless forests, wetlands, and grasslands that are in private hands could be forever lost to development rather than being saved for future generations.  Learn more about the vital environmental needs of our state here!
TAKE ACTION: Contact your state representative and senator and tell them to support increased funding for IDEM & DNR, as well as conservation and mass transit! 
Join Us on Wed. the 25th: Help Protect Solar Energy!

Indiana's new Governor and legislative leaders have pledged to make Indiana's economy our #1 priority.   And yet SB 309 would do the opposite: it would destabilize the investment climate for our state's emerging rooftop solar industry by drastically reducing the value of solar: First, SB 309 would make it illegal for utilities to have net metered programs after 10 years. Second, it would force utilities -- before that time -- to greatly under-compensate customer-generators of solar for any excess power that they give to the grid should those customer-generators be ones who contribute above & beyond the 1% ceiling (of net metered solar energy as a percentage of total utility energy). Learn more here.

TAKE ACTION: Join us for our upcoming phone bank! We need your help to reach out to fellow HEC supporters and ask them to contact their legislators.

WHEN:     Wednesday, January 25th
    7:00 PM
WHERE:   Indiana Interchurch Center
    1100 W 42nd St.
    Indianapolis, IN 46208

Please contact our Outreach Coordinator for more information or to RSVP.

If you cannot join our phone bank, please contact your State Senator and ask him/her to urge Indiana Utilities Chairman Senator Jim Merritt to not have the Utilities Committee vote on SB 309 given the harm it would do to rooftop solar in Indiana.
Attend One of Several Upcoming Environmental Events!

Please be sure to check out HEC's event calendar!  It's a great place to find out about workshops and rallies that will give you the opportunity to be more educated, empowered, and networked!
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