In this Edition of "What the HEC is Happening in the Statehouse?"

1.) Call your legislators to support critical funding for drinking water programs
2.) Take three new actions to help stop the anti-rooftop solar bill, SB 309 
3.) Join us at upcoming presentations and events this Earth Month
4.) Relax at HEC-supporting Aveda events across Indiana 
1.) Call Your Legislators to Support a Critical 10% Increase in Funding for State Drinking Water Programs!
With over 4,000 public drinking water systems in the state, the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) plays a critical role in the safety of drinking water by training and certifying the operators of these systems. 

IDEM's work helps ensure that each drinking water system is properly monitoring and testing its water supply for any contaminants, and also making sure that the water treatment technology is functioning properly. 

Staffing for this essential public health program dropped 20% over the last 12 years. The state role in training, certification, and compliance is particularly important for drinking water systems in small towns which are less likely to have adequate resources than the larger city systems. 
Clean up of contaminated sites is also critically important in protecting drinking water supplies. IDEM is responsible for overseeing the clean up at thousands of sites across the state.   However, IDEM's 400+ high priority site clean-ups in the state cleanup program are being managed by just 9 project managers.  Cleaning up these contaminated sites not only protects drinking water and public health but also provides tremendous economic benefit by putting the formerly contaminated land back into productive use. 
Please contact your State Rep and State Senator  today and a.) urge that IDEM receive a 10% general fund increase to enable adequate support for IDEM's drinking water programs and that b.) the Benjamin Harrison Conservation Trust receives $3 million in total "general funds" in the new Indiana state budget! Once you know who your state rep is, please call his or her Legislative Assistant; you can find the House Democratic staff here and House Republican Staff here.   When you contact your Senator, please be sure to contact them about SB 309, too.   See the story below -- including how to contact Senate Staff.
2.) Take 3 Steps to Stop Anti-Rooftop Solar Bill, SB 309
Utility lobbyists have immense clout in the Indiana General Assembly.  So take it as great news that, while we lost the House vote on the anti-rooftop solar bill SB 309 (56 to 43), it was the narrowest vote on a utility lobby-backed bill that we have observed, and it happened with bi-partisan opposition; you can learn how your representative voted  here.   The strong level of opposition, ranging from all of the Democrats to a mix of business & populist Republicans, would not have happened without your voice!

Now SB 309 returns back to the Senate (where it originated) so that Senators can make an "up or down" vote on the House-amended version of SB 309.   This is called a "concurrence vote".


A.) Please call your state senator  today (even on the weekend, when you can leave a voicemail) to express your opposition to SB 309; urge him or her to vote "No" on the "SB 309 concurrence vote".   Once you know the name of your state senator (if you didn't know before), please leave a voicemail for his or her Legislative Assistant; you can find that information by clicking on the relevant Republican Senator here and by looking up the Democratic Senate Staff here

B.) Join us at one of two upcoming HEC-sponsored phone banks on Monday, April 10th and Wednesday, April 12th.

Postcard en route to Gov. Holcomb; shared with HEC by our friends at Indy Green Congregations
C.) In anticipation that this bill will advance to Governor Holcomb, please encourage any clubs, church groups, parent circles, etc. to get together to send the Governor postcards urging him to veto SB 309!   (See the image to the right for an example of what you could say!).

Send the postcard to:

Governor Eric Holcomb
200 W. Washington St., Room 206
Indianapolis, IN 46204-2797  

3.) Get More Involved by Attending Upcoming Events
And Consider Joining Our Volunteer Program!


Learn about the most urgent environmental issues moving through the Statehouse and advocate for a cleaner and healthier Indiana by attending the following upcoming event:


Talk with your legislators by attending town hall meetings (called "Third House" events); these are happening across Indiana in the coming days! 

Bartholomew County -  Monday, April 10th and Monday, April 17th

Hamilton County - Friday, April 14th

Madison County - Monday, April 10th

Tippecanoe County - Saturday, April 15th


April 30th - Earth Month Fort Wayne

(We'll be at even more Earth Month events, as you'll see here - and note the Aveda Earth Month events in the section below!) 


If you would like to learn more about the bills moving through the legislature and talking points for conversing with your representative and senator, please visit our  Bill Watch 2017 page.


If you want to become even more involved in advocacy both in the Statehouse and across the state consider joining our volunteer program! 

Our next training is coming up on Wednesday, April 12th!  Learn more here.
4.) Support HEC During Aveda Earth Month!

We have added a new drop-off location for the Aveda Earth Month Shoe Drive! Now you may drop off gently-used shoes at one of four locations:
  • Guys & Gals Quarters - 22 Saratoga Drive, Batesville (Mon & Fri 9a-6p, Tu, Wed, Th 9a-8p, Sat 8a-3p) - Sage, a salon - 2210 E. Southport Rd., Indianapolis (Tu, W 12-8, Th 11-7, F 10-6, Sat 10-4)
  • Sundance - 47 Elm Street, Zionsville (anytime, collection box in vestibule)
  • HEC - 3951 N. Meridian St., Ste. 100 (Mon-Fri 8a-5p, collection box in vestibule on lower level of NUVO building)
HEC will receive a donation based on the weight of shoes collected through the end of April!

New items have been added to our Aveda Earth Month Online Silent Auction, including items from our newest HEC Green Businesses: You can also purchase Indiana Getaway Raffle tickets at a participating Aveda salon or when you see HEC at an event during Earth Month. Three lucky winners will win an overnight package at a fun Indiana destination!

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