July 2017
What the Hell is going on!  You must watch WHAT THE HEALTH on Netflix!  The very agencies we thought we can trust -  think again - WE CAN'T!
Documentaries like What the Health, now available on Netflix, are alerting us to the very organizations we thought would have our best interests at heart, yet they are just as influenced by big money contributions. You must watch this film. It is changing  the way people think about "healthy" food options and rethinking the recommendations of the very organizations we look to for guidance.  And for good reason!!  Money talks -  you need to watch, listen & act.

Take for instance the WHO organization's warning about processed meats such as bacon, hot dogs, sausage, salami, pepperoni, and deli slices like ham being linked to cancer!  Did you know that? According to the World Health Organization, these processed meats are considered to be a group 1 carcinogen -  known carcinogens along with the likes of tobacco.  WOW.  Yet, check out the very organizations that tell us these foods are ok to eat - ADA, etc.

FISH - The True TA L E on Fish

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Food and Drug Administration have placed canned tuna on its "choices to avoid" list for pregnant women and small children due to high mercury levels.

I'm often asked about what I think about fish.. well here is my take.
Fish You Should Not Eat (Dr, Mercola)
I am not a fan of farmed fish.  One of the worst farmed fish is farmed salmon, which is best avoided because:
    •   It is one of the most toxic foods in the world;6 tests reveal farmed salmon is five times more toxic than any other food product tested
    •    Contains about half the omega-3 levels of wild salmon
    •    Is often fed a genetically-modified diet of corn and soy products
    •    May contain antibiotics, pesticides and other chemical toxins due to the unsanitary and overcrowding conditions that often accompany fish-farming operations
    •    May be genetically engineered

The wild salmon fillet tends to be more "red/orange" color while the farm raised one is more "orange" and less red.  Farm raised tends to be lighter in color and sometimes has more fat.  Also, the distance between the grains (tendons) are wider for the farm raised one.  Most waiters do no know whether this fish is farmed or wild nor the source and often they will tell you it is wild because most of us can't tell the difference. 

Quick Health Tips U-Z - Finished

U – Under cooked meat – be careful of raw and under cooked meat and fish. It can cause gastrointestinal problems

V – Variety and Vitamins.  Variety of foods is the spice of life for getting the most nutrients!  

W – Weight – weight loss is one of the biggest concerns for individuals.  It isn’t easy to lose weight.  It is a complicated, metabolic process affecting each of us differently. As we age - things change. Try plant based!

X –  I don’t have an X word – if you do, please send to me.

Y – Yoga – ta great practice to help alleviate stress and provide mental health

Z – Zinc - you need it in your diet - make sure you are getting enough


Our beloved pets and best friends rely on us to feed them a healthy diet, provide them exercise, medical attention when needed and lots of love. More and more research is linking the ingredients in pet food to diseases being found in our best friends including cancer.  I encourage you to view PET FOOLED on Netflix. You will be awakened to the world of Pet Food.  I am working on a film pertaining to this!  More to come!!