So you want to send out an email...but what do you put in it?
Knowing what to put in your email is as important as actually creating one. They say that “the money is in your list”, but if you don’t send out regular messages, you’ll miss out on the additional income that your list can generate through nurturing great customer relationships. 

Knowing what to include in your email can be such a time waster! Many business owners get completely blocked by this, give up, and don’t send out an email at all. I want to ensure that this never happens to you by giving you 9 different ideas for content that you can include in your next email! I will give you the highlights below but please read my blog post to see all the details!

Tips and Tricks
Special Offers
Engagement Opportunities 
Early Bird Notices
Feedback Questions 
Share Buttons
Local Community Events 

Remember, it’s important to not over think each email you send. Keep them simple, not too long, and always point the reader to something they can buy, share or do. Happy Emailing!
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