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More talk about the "new business normal"
Canada's GDP fell by 9% in March - experts saying it's a recession but Bank of Canada says "not even close"

Bank of Canada's Governor, Stephen Poloz spoke Wednesday, April 15

According to the Governor of the Bank of Canada, Stephen Poloz, a recession is a behavioural phenomena that is accumulative and dynamic. Covid-19 and Canada's response is we've "stopped the clock and are asking people to stay home and not do anything special". Then the plan is to restart the clock when there is scientific evidence to support that people can begin returning to normal movement. But Poloz points out that the new norm may mean re-evaluating whether you take a day to travel by plane to attend a meeting somewhere in the world that is 4 hours in length. He also says "never underestimate the energy of people, which is entrepreneurial in workers, to get things done despite the obstacles.  
Jim Lawrence at Avondale Kitchens in New Brunswick shares some upgrades to "Avondale's new normal".
Visible sign when you walk in about hand santization
Installing plexiglass in showroom with plans to install in other areas also
Plastic shields so face-to-face conversations can happen and customers advised of protocols before they come to the showroom
What does your new normal look like? Send us your photos of your showroom, your workshop and how your staff are responding. Contact us at
Does it feel like Groundhog Day?
You're not alone! Government continues to make policy daily, provinces scramble to respond, no one knows how long we will be in this situation. "Pivoting", "recalibrating" and "unprecedented" are the new buzz words.

The kitchen cabinet industry has responded with regular cleaning and sanitizing, enhanced health and safety, screening employees, modifying showrooms, adapting to supply chain challenges, navigating government funded programs, employee retention, and for some pivoting and producing completely different products. All within the last 30+ days? Pat yourself on the back you deserve it!

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April 15 - More work to do - stay the course - it's a challenge keeping pace with Federal announcements
Says Premier BC's premier John Horgan. "BC chose not to shut everything down, whereas other provinces did and then created very long exemption lists that created confusion" (and still are!). BC focused on creating safe workplaces so that certain work can carry on. Their strategy is to "keep the lines of communication open with all stakeholders to be ready when things can start up again". The Premiere admitted that just keeping pace with Federal announcements is a big challenge provincially as policy is being made up as they go along, but they are working together to find solutions.
Watch broadcast here.
April 15- "Must have a clear plan to screen employees"
The Premiere Scott Moe says not relaxing restrictions any time soon. Business must continue to screen employees coming to work to make sure they are not sick. Even businesses currently closed must familiarize with the procedures as they may be asked to implement, physical distancing, cleaning, employee safety when they re-open.
Watch broadcast here .

April 15 - "Don't go looking for a loophole"
Nlfld Premier Dwight Ball reminded people to respect the guidelines they've put in place. Their Health Minister, John Haggie further added that "wearing a mask is not a substitute for physical distancing". He also said workplaces must "adapt their way of working to allow for a new reality", noting that workplaces like Banks are concerned about staff and clients wearing masks because of security issues.
Watch full broadcast here .
Are you still advertising your products and services? You should be. Why?
Because people are home and cooking and using their kitchens more than ever According to Candybox Marketing , Mobile use is down 25% since March, computer desktop usage is up 7% and Facebook and Instagram usage is up a whopping 50%! People may not have much money to buy right now, but they have lots of time to look and get ideas.
What kitchen ideas will you promote?
Watch Candybox Marketing's full webinar here
(great insights for advertising during Covid-19 - what to do and what not to do!)

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NGen has compiled a reference list (called "Bank") to help manufacturers provide high quality, rapid response to COVID-19. Click here .

Do you have the ability to manufacture frontline gear?
NGen is an initiative created by the Federal Government in 2018 to bring together Canadian business to collaborate with other innovation partners. Now the Feds are leveraging the Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster and directing funding to mobilize companies that can rapidly respond to COVID-19 pandemic by building a Canadian supply of essential equipment, products and therapeutics.
Overview of program here.
Financial guide document here .
Can you help manufacture esssential products for the front lines?
NRC IRAP has been tasked by the Government of Canada to work with Canadian industry to address a range of medium‑term Public Health Agency of Canada and Health Canada needs, including:
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Sanitization
  • Diagnostic and testing
  • Therapeutics
  • Disease tracking technology

More information here .

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