...AND the State Fair is here! Check out the "Staff Picks" section for our quirky state fair food pairing selections. Some of you are ready to embrace the seasonal transition and others are still holding on to summer with every fiber of your being; either way we are here for you. There are still plenty of summer vibes and patio-pounders in the shop and on the shelves, but the oktoberfest and pumpkin beers are coming in hot. So shield your eyes if you are still in denial. Either way, we hope everyone is excited for the Great Minnesota Get Together. We'll see you out there and in here!
The Results of the Twin Cities Wine Awards are In!
On Monday, we were so grateful and proud to be able to take home the win for "Best Locally Owned Independent Wine Shop Minneapolis"! AND to top the cake Doug Hultgren was awarded "Most Trusted Wine Retail Consultant"!
Another Huge THANK YOU to those who put in their votes!!!
(It's finally time again!!!)


Save the Date!
Wednesday October 16 : Cognac & Blues Class with Matthew Skoller of Family Tradition Cognac, an import company focused on artisanal, family made spirits from the Cognac region in a market dominated by big name, industrially made labels. We'll also feature some other craft spirits and liqueurs represented by this famous Chicago based harmonica player. Tickets available soon.
Friday's Wine Tasting 4-8PM

AND Saturday's Wine Tasting 3-7PM

We are still finalizing the line-ups but we'll have some great wine to taste selected for you by our staff!
Please check our Facebook posts prior to the tastings. 

As always, all tasting table wines are 10% off!!
Patti's Pick

Cune Cava Brut NV - $17.99

Cune Cava is made with the traditional grapes of Xarel-lo, Macabeo and Parellada in the traditional method, so it's a no brainer for me to pair this with traditional state fair food - Mouse Trap Cheese Curds! The soft bubbles and refreshing acidity clear your palate of the gooey greasy goodness and prepare it for the next bite! With Cava as your go between, every nibble is just as tasty as the very first. Treat yo' self!
David's Pick

Field Recordings Wonderwall Chardonnay California 2017 - $21.99

Pairing State Fair food with wine is highly satisfying so, whether you smuggle the wine in or take the food out I highly encourage this type of experimentation.

Wonderwall Chardonnay is an unabashedly hedonistic wine with plenty of tropical fruit and buttery richness. It is, however, well made and has enough citrusy zip to make it a perfect foil to the glorious prince of impaled foods, the corn dog. You pronto pup folks are on your own.
Doug's Pick

Monchiero Carbone Sire Langhe Nebbiolo 2017, $19.99

This super affordable and approachable Nebbiolo offers a great value for one of Piedmont's most esteemed varietals. It showcases persistent tannins and acid while sporting vibrant fruit and earthy notes. This would pair well with anything off the grill or a stick.
Madison's Pick

Lubanzi Chenin Blanc, South Africa (in a can!) - $6.99

Since our theme is State Fair pairings, I can only find it appropriate to recommend something to sneak into the State Fair. The 12oz can fits perfectly into any purse or cargo pants pocket. Lubanzi's Chenin Blanc is the perfect fried food pairing - refreshing enough for a sweaty day outdoors and enough versatility to go with just about anything you might eat off of a stick.
Patrick's Pick

2018 Elio Perrone, 'Bigaro' Moscato, Piedmont - $19.99

After you've stuffed your face with the usual classic "Hits on a Stick" at the Minnesota State Fair (starting TODAY!) you will be in need of a smooth, refreshing alternative.
Farmer's Union Coffee Shop, on Dan Patch Ave, kitty-corner from the State Fair Visitor's Center ("kitty-corner"....because we're in Minnesota, not Wisconsin, dang-nabbit!) has a super yummy Blueberry Key Lime Pie, in a graham cracker crust, topped with fresh whipped cream and blueberries.
For me, an ideal pairing for this dessert would be our Elio Perrone Bigaro. It has a nice balance of sweetness and acidity as a lightly spritzy dessert wine. From cool hilly vineyards in Northern Italy, this is a blend of brachetto and muscat grapes that are gently pressed, to retain their fresh aromas. It will not overpower this dessert, at all, but enhance it's creamy berry qualities. And, at the usually low alcohol level, this wine can continued to be enjoyed long after you've finished your dessert.
Skol?.....sure, why not.

2009 Gravner 'Jakot' Ribolla Gialla Fruili (500ml)
2017 Truchard Roussanne
2016 Truchard Pinot Noir
2016 Sadie Family Vineyards 'Treinspoor' South Africa
Sandeman 10 Year Old Tawny Port
2012 Cune Vina Real Reserva
2011 Cune Imperial Gran Reserva
2017 Chateau de Beru 'Terroirs de Beru' Chablis
J. Lasalle 'Preference' Champagne
Tommaso Bussola 'Ca del Laito' Valpolicella Ripasso
2017 The Withers, 'Peter's Vineyard' Chardonnay Sonoma Coast
2017 Francois Carillon Puligny Montrachet

G4 Tequila Blanco
G4 Tequila Reposado
Royal Foundry Spirits Marlows Row Gin
Mata Vermouth Tinto
Richland Rum Estate Single Barrel Georgia Rum

...... and more!
We are turning over the Tuesday Tasting Table
to some of our local brewers.

Tuesday August 27th: Insight Brewing
Tuesday September 3rd: Staff Selections
Tuesday September 10: Lakes and Legends