Through May 30, Merrimack Repertory Theatre will have a performance of A Woman of the World available as a video on demand. A Woman of the World is a one-person show written by Rebecca Gilman about Mabel Loomis Todd, a New England native best known for introducing poet Emily Dickinson to America in 1890. The play sees Todd regaling the audience with her own experiences, particularly those from the 13 years she spent with the Dickinson family. Lead actress Denise Cormier's credits include over 20 other New England shows, and she shines as Todd, carrying the show alone through her skills as an actress. Director Courtney Sale describes the play as, "a love letter to New England's outdoors, a celebration of Massachusetts' literary contributions to the world, and a surprisingly emotional exploration of an individual light years ahead of their era." A Woman of the World portrays a free-spirited woman who's far ahead of her time and lives on as an icon of American literature and the New England region. There will also be an interview between Sale and Todd biographer Julie Dobrow on Thursday, May 27 at 7:00 p.m. that can be attended via Zoom. For more information, including how to access and view A Woman of the World, visit