Here are some idea's to create your own Great Goings On!
Restorative Yoga
Nurture and Nourish Your Mind, Body and Spirit!

Join Tree of Life Yoga Studio this Sunday. Click here for more information.
Lunchtime Movement Break
Daily movement in your own home!

Join NoCo Fitness Facebook Live stream for a 30 minute lunchtime workout with their training staff. Learn more here !
Shadow Drawing
Exercise the left side of your brain!

Something indoors and fun for everyone! Don't have toy animals? Use things that decorate your house!
Target Golf
Practice Your Golf Skills!

Something the whole family can do, and it's easy to create! Practice your golf skills, or even just use tennis our bouncy balls to roll.

Let's Create Something!
Create Something Yummy!

Another family fun activity! Learn/create a new dish with the ingredients in your house.
Here is to all of us creating our own
Great Goings On!!
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