What today would have been...
Today, we planned to celebrate our St. Vincent Family - our Corcoran Award winners, our community partners, our friends and supporters.

Today, we would have gathered together in a big room at COSI, enjoyed a meal around a table with our friends, listened to the incredible work of our honorees, and walked away with a little more joy in our hearts and a fancy new ink pen in our pockets.

Today would have been one for the books at SVFC's 2020 Corcoran Awards.

Today might not look as we planned. But do you know what we ARE celebrating today?

Our amazingly dedicated healthcare team who remains brave and strong in the face of COVID-19 to continue providing behavioral healthcare to our community's vulnerable children and families.

Our persistently generous donors and partners who have given of their time and treasure to keep our team and our families safe and well.

The resiliency of our children and families who keep showing up for their health and healing.

Today looks different, but our joy and gratitude have never been greater.

Until we are safely able to gather with each other in the future, we invite you to join us in celebrating today.

Donate a gift online to support the ongoing needs of our St. Vincent Family, in honor of all that we have to feel grateful for today .

Now more than ever, we are reminded of the power of community.

We make good kids better ... together .

A BIG thank you to our outstanding community partners for their commitment to SVFC’s 2020 Corcoran Awards!

We Make Good Kids Better.
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