"Mark Makers"
"Tree Hugger"
Mixed Media on Canvas
30" X 24"

A lynx is all paws and tail. The cats are small and soft (I have had a chance to touch the pelt of one of these beauties). Like all kitties they leave their mark which is done by rubbing or spraying on trees and other spots in their habitat. This painting is a wintry day with lots of fabric, cross word puzzle fragments, and sketchbook doodles for texture on the lynx.

Opening Reception for Mark Makers

Thursday, February 28, 5-7 pm. Sheri Trepina, Shelle Lindholm and I look forward to seeing you!
Mark Makers Workshop
There is still time to sign up for the Mark Makers workshop Friday and Saturday 1,2 March.

Join us for fun and exploration of many tools and methods of creating marks.
"Slider Home"
12" X 36" mixed media
These three paintings may be purchased individually or as a tryptic...but I dare you to pick just one. These red eared sliders are a delight to come across and often can be found sunning on a log. The map mixed media and the crazy line work makes for interesting texture. Available through Framecraft of Warrenton.
"Catin' Around "
24" X 30"
I love kitties, but some have a tough life, or at least start out homeless. The Flathead Valley does a lot to find, spay and neuter these beauties, but this one is still out and about the topsy turvy town. Filled with mixed media, graph paper, fabric and more, the surface is filled with details to keep you exploring. Available through the Hockaday Museum at the Mark Makers show.
"And They're Off!"
20" X 20"

Inspired by my pup Oliver, a border terrier, who has more energy than five of us and who does everything 110 percent, including running. His Mom just had another litter, should I get a little sister for him? Email me to let me know what you think.

Available (the painting, not my pup) through Hockaday Museum at the Mark Makers Show
"Look Ma, No Hands!"
20" X 20"

I just love the agility of the opossum and the way their coats are dark at the roots and white at the tips. Put an "oiler boiler" filled with white air brush paint in my right hand and I don't know when to stop! Hope this piece will give you a giggle.

Available through Hockaday Museum at the Mark Makers Show.
Mark Makers Show
The Hockaday Museum coming February 28, -- May 26, 2019

Opening Reception Thursday February 28, 2019 5:00-7:00 pm

Which painting most makes you want to check out the show?
Just think, I'm only a third of the team of Mark Makers! I know this is going to be a great show, I can't wait to see it come together!

"Cherry Picker" 30" x 48"
The Mark Makers!
Sheri Trepina, Linda Hendrickson and Shelle Lindholm in Shelle's Studio.