Check Out the New June Schedule
You may have noticed that we are making a lot of changes here at 614Fitness. We are ever evolving to meet our members' needs.
Check out the new classes, new instructors and new look at 614Fitness.
Even More Motivation May
Motivation May Bingo Drawing June 1st

Watch your emails and our Facebook page June 1st as we draw the grand prize winner of the Motivational May Bingo:   
A crisp, clean $50 bill!

There will be other prizes as well and EVERYONE who enters is eligible to win!
A little Light Housekeeping
You may have noticed that some of the classes are getting filled and have wait lists.

Please be courteous and cancel as soon as you know you cannot attend a class. If you don't, others get closed out and can't take advantage of a great workout.

  • Dick is a member who always schedules in advance (great!)
  • Dick forgets or has conflicts and can't make class (too bad)
  • Dick doesn't go to the app or computer and cancel (bad!)
  • Don't be a Dick - show up* or cancel. Let everyone enjoy 614Fitness.
*And while we're talking about showing up ... 

10 Minutes before class starts is a good idea. That way we respect everyone's time, build good energy and start and finish together and on time!

Yay Team!