Unix is user-friendly. It's just very selective about who its friends are.

(That did not use a microcontroller)

We've all seen them at some point in our careers. A schematic or circuit that was elegant, useful, beautiful... you know the type. Sometimes a design can be so brutal or unexpected it makes us laugh out loud when we realize its purpose and the ingenious (insane?) way someone solved that issue.
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The Transistor Radio
By early 1954, Texas Instruments (TI) had perfected transistor production to the point that they became cheap enough for use in consumer items. TI decided that a portable, handheld radio offered the most mainstream application of the new technology.

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PID Conlrollre
 In Part 1, we layed the foundation for the (Proportional Integral Derivative) PID controller. Now, let's explore the dynamic operation and tuning of the PID control system.

Solar Sequencer
Build a solar sequencer that enables a single solar panel to charge multiple batteries of different sizes and capacities, keeping them isolated from each other.

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Help A Brother (or Sister) Out?

Stop by our Tech Forum and weigh in on some issues. We know y'all got skills and opinions. This is the place to share some knowledge or get some.
Pool Bot Timer
My pool bot timer quit. The transformer is good but the timer is not...

Wi-Fi For The Pi
Could someone please tell me if the ESP8266.01 module is compatible with...

Cats In The Crystal
I inherited an antique "cat's whisker" crystal radio set. Everything seems to be intact except...

PD Race Timer
Does anyone have a schematic for a...

Dog Bark Detector
I have a very attentive dog who barks immediately when someone is in the backyard or...
Imagecraft Embedded Systems
Beyond Arduino - When You Are Ready to Get Serious...
For only $99, JumpStart MicroBox is the fastest way to upgrade to 32-bit embedded programming. With JumpStart C / JumpStart API, programming the Cortex-M is as easy as using the Arduino. 

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The easiest method to add robust wifi capability to IoT designs or prototypes.

Smiley_s Workshop
Smiley's Workshop 49
C Programming * Hardware * Projects

Fritzing is a very novice-friendly open software package that you can use to design shields for Arduinos. Even though it is still in beta, it has many very interesting and useful features. 
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Build Your Own PC on a Budget
Book Pick Of The Week
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Build Your Own PC on a Budget:            
A DIY Guide for Hobbyists and Gamers

Put together a customized computer that is affordable, stable, and powerful. Discover how to choose the parts that fit your needs, safely connect and test components, add video and peripherals, install an operating system, connect to the Internet, and go wireless. Security, maintenance, and software updates are fully covered in this DIY book.
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  • Look inside a PC and understand how each component works
  • Decide what you want from your PC and develop a design plan
  • Create a cost-effective parts list and select the best vendors
  • Wire up the motherboard, processor, and add-on boards
  • Connect storage devices, display adapters, and peripherals
  • Securely connect to LANs, Wi-Fi networks, and the Internet
  • Install your operating system, device drivers, and applications
  • Maintain your PC, update software, and back up your data

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