Legislative Update from Senator Ned Claxton
Dear friend,

Friday, Sept. 27 was the deadline for legislators to submit new bills for the next session that begins in January. I'm excited to begin learning about some new proposals that will come before us in the Senate once we reconvene, and to see everyone's ideas for how we will continue to improve the lives of Mainers across our state.

I also recently had a chance to reflect on all the great things we were able to accomplish this past session, as well as being back in Augusta for some committee work! 

As always, you can contact me by emailing me at ned.claxton@legislature.maine.gov, or by calling my office at (207) 287-1515.

Delivering on our promise to you
Earlier this month, a slew of laws we passed this year went into effect. Looking back, I'm amazed and excited about all we've been able to accomplish for Mainers. My colleagues and I fought for seniors, veterans, working people, our environment and so much more. Our work is far from over, and I'm eager to get back to work for 

Click here to check out the video highlighting some of our most important accomplishments.
Back at the State House working this summer and fall
I was back at the State House recently leading a subcommittee of the State and Local Government committee, on abandoned roads in Maine. Although it may seem like tedious work, I'm glad to take part in it. I also attended my first meeting of the State Workforce Board,and will soon be chairing the first meeting of the Commission on Children's Mental Health. 

These less publicized butoften complex issues must get dealt with. While the flashy, politicized moments are what people see on TV, these smaller meetings are what make government tick! 

Working in our subcommittee meeting. To the left is Rep. Will Tuell, R-East Machias, and to my right is Rep. Archie Verow, D-Brewer. 
Helping Maine veterans
Veterans sacrifice so much to keep us safe and protect our freedom. When they come home, we should make sure they have what they need to smoothly transition back into civilian life. Unfortunately, so many of our veterans struggle with health complications, mental illness and other problems. Too many don't get the help they need, or simply don't know where to get help. To address this problem, the Maine Bureau of Veterans' Services in September hosted a resources gathering at the State House to help Mainer veterans, as well as lawmakers who want to know more about what we can do. 

This year in the Legislature, we passed several measures to help our veterans. We passed a law to allow moose lottery winners to donate their permit to a disabled veteran and to provide complementary hunting, fishing and trapping licenses to our Gold Star Families. We passed a law to create veteran-friendly workplaces, which ensures veterans can take time off for medical appointments. Finally, we passed a law to help reduce veteran homelessness by supporting local groups that give veterans the tools they need to get back on their feet.

To learn more about how to support veterans in your life and in your community, click here .
Gov. Mills addresses the Bureau of Veterans' Services gathering at the State House earlier this month
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