To all of our friends and family,  
In these uncertain times, we understand you're probably being inundated with emails, posts, and articles about COVID-19 (Coronavirus).  
Rest assured, we are taking all advisable precautions outlined by the CDC and will remain open for the foreseeable future.
We would like to remind everyone that the most important thing you can do at a time like this is to take care of yourself.  
Just like with the flu there are steps that you can take to help boost your immune system and protect yourself.
  1. Wash your hands with warm soapy water for at least 20 seconds.
Use scented soaps
The scent will help remind you to stay away
from touching your eyes and your nose. 
We have some lovely scented soaps,  
that also moisturize  
to help cut down on drying out your skin.
Washing your hands is the best option,
but when you're in a pinch use hand sanitizer. These sprays from Mangiacotti smell amazing and kill 99.9% of germs. The small size makes them perfect for a pocket or purse to bring with you everywhere.


Make sure you're drinking plenty of fluids.
A dehydrated body has a harder time fighting off bacteria and viruses,  
So make sure you're bringing a full water bottle  
with you everywhere you go.
                 Get plenty of rest!   
A tired body cannot function as well.
Even a quick nap during the day can help refresh a weary body and mind.  
Make sure you have a comfy blanket and pillow.
And most importantly,  
Be kind to one another.
We're all in this together! 
We  look forward to seein
g you  
in the Shops soon!
Happy St. Patrick's Day  
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