History is a funny thing. A few days before celebrating American independence from Britain, we are thinking and talking about what the "leave" vote over in the UK is going to mean for us, our businesses, and the world. 

Brexit, the pro-leave movement that ultimately won a close vote in the UK, was our topic for both posts this week. Monday, we talked about how Brexit might impact your business over the coming months and years. Wednesday's post followed up with a more global approach to the topic. There are a lot of potential impacts this single event could have around the world. It truly shows what a global village we live in. 

Now that all of those thoughts are circulating in your head, we think there is no better time than now to wish those of you in the US a happy, peaceful, and safe Fourth of July holiday. Don't forget to keep your dogs inside since the hot weather and the scary fireworks sounds can be hard on them. We'll see you next week!

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