What Will School Look Like in August?
The above is a question that I am asked every day. No kidding. Because information regarding the COVID-19 virus and related health restrictions continues to evolve, it is difficult to answer the question precisely, three months out from our August start date.

Several Districts have begun putting out plans for re-opening in August and the state has issued school re-opening guidance (see  here ), all of which we are reviewing and assessing. We are evaluating options and available resources to ensure that we are prepared to implement the best solution available to us in the fall. Our advantage as a small district is our ability to quickly pivot when the best approach is determined.

Our top priority is to have as many of our students in our buildings, as often as possible, as safely as possible.

While we are currently developing contingency plans in case we cannot provide daily in-person instruction, we have chosen to pause before adopting any plans that deviate significantly from the above priority. We are hopeful that current guidance that limits classroom attendance to 10 or fewer students will be expanded over the summer.

In the intervening time, we will prepare for multiple approaches including a traditional in-school model, a hybrid model, and a fully remote program which would be our last resort. That said, we will continue to offer fully-online, remote learning to any family who wishes to keep students home.
We hope that a slow, thoughtful approach will allow us to turn the current obstacles into opportunities for improvement.

I know that our District families crave solid information. I want you to know that we will be prepared, regardless of the limitations we face, but we will always strive to have as many of our students in our buildings, as often as possible, as safely as possible.

Please do not hesitate to email me with your questions or concerns.

Mike Schmidt
PCSD1 Superintendent/PCHS Principal