Albert in SF
Happy Summer!

I've partnered with a few local businesses for some time now. One thing I've noticed by working closely with them is that their lists have grown and they seem to be succeeding. In one case a local restaurant definitely is busier (given, they have great food and are awesome at what they do). The second is a terrarium store that I have been supporting since I first walked through the door. Again, great product; wonderful people and email LIST-BUILDING has been a part of their marketing! 

This has led me to wonder what the exact effect of having a super fan working on your marketing is. I don't have any exact statistics, but my guess is that having me or someone like me in your corner finding ways to help market your business could be very valuable. If you'd like to discuss your business and see if we're a fit for a partnership, please get in touch. 

I'm happy to discuss working for trade or some other exchange.

I hope you're having a great Summer. I look forward to hearing from you, 

Albert Kaufman
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