Land for Southport's Future
"Ruth's House"
Our Community's Grassroots Initiative
Update and Newsletter - August 28, 2018
We can “Make Ruth’s House Happen” Now!

What we make possible now will be here for the
generations who follow.
  • Land for Southport's Future has the signed Purchase and Sale Agreement (accompanied by a cash deposit) to purchase the Ruth Gardner Property from the Town of Southport for a negotiated price of $800.000.

  • We have over 165 donor households (individuals, couples, families) equaling more than 300 grassroots supporters!

Southport Island is a special place that we hold dear to our hearts ... your support of this grassroots initiative to purchase the Ruth Gardner Property is needed now and will be gratefully appreciated.
Working together we will:
• Preserve coastal land for public access and use, forever
• Maintain the historic character and cultural legacy of Southport Island
• Provide a Center for community engagement
• “Make Ruth’s House Happen”

Land for Southport’s Future's role, as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is
to guide this community based initiative, listening and responding to questions and suggestions from the community. LFSF's mission is to create a sustainable fund from which to buy and preserve land and resources on Southport Island to be used and enjoyed by the entire community, giving the people an ongoing voice in the Island’s future.

Here is how you can help:
Add to your gift or if you are not yet a donor, make a gift!
We do not publicly post the names of LFSF donors nor the amount of their gifts. A gift of any size gets your name in our donor records and your email address onto our update list. A first time gift ... monetary or in-kind ... boosts the number of our grassroots supporters.

Gifts by check
Please make payable to:
Land for Southport’s Future
P.O. Box 298,
Southport Island, ME 04576

“Donate Now” buttons , here and on the LFSF website, are hosted by "Square". These gifts are deposited within one day, directly to our LFSF bank account at The First.
Please reach out to LFSF at any time with your questions, suggestions, and ideas.

This is a community initiative.

Land for Southport’s Future is a Southport based 501(c)(3) nonprofit that is enabling all of us to work together to “Make Ruth’s House Happen” and the Gardner Property accessible to the public, forever.


Phone: 207-217-7743

For more information:
Land for Southport's Future | 207-217-7743 |