June 16th, 2020
What You Do When Black Lives Matter
You Celebrate Their Success and Support Their Future
Vista Peak College Prep.
Shaylynn C.
Early-childhood Educator
Dr. MLK Early College
Lauren S.
Environmental Scientist
Grandview High School
Message From Dr. McCune
The Time Is Now! I believe the coinciding of the pandemic with the latest murders and protests created a unique environment for us to experience the pain and anguish in a way that can not be ignored, it provided space for us to focus on the pain, injustice and inhumanity of which our system was built upon. I have prayed and anguished for years asking why aren't we angry enough, fed up enough, to collectively act. My prayers have been answered.

Right now, the ask is that we all FOCUS ON ACTION

  • If you are a person of color, join actions groups and make your voice heard. Focus, on articulating what you need right now and for the future you want.

  • If you are not a African American/Black Person Focus-right now on the hundreds of years of consistent murders, lynchings, rapes, unjust imprisonments,the intentional dismantling of the efforts of Black People, the lack of opportunities for Black People, the lack of resources.
  • Then ACT:
  • First listen. Don't assume you know what is needed. Ask, join conversations and groups that are listening and responding.
  • Acknowledge your feelings whatever they are-guilt, pride, sadness, ambiguity etc. Then do something about it.
  • Reflect on how are you working to create systems that empower? Then do the work to create systems that empower. Hire Black People, Stand up- don't let people get away with being a part of institutional racism. Hold our leaders accountable to serve "Black People" .
  • Hold systems accountable to making sure that "Black People" have access to the resources they need to thrive and not just survive.
  • Create spaces for "Black People" to lead in your organizations and listen to them when they try.

There is so much else to say, there are so many other ways to ACT & FOCUS, find yours but make sure you are actually doing something that matters to "Black People." Check out the opportunity below if you want to listen to support and engage with African American/Black Young Ladies.  

A Denver Christian perspective on the state of our world: Stories to Stir Change [Webinar - 06.14.2020]

 African American Young Ladies Summit Program
Join us on July 8th at 3 pm for our advisory planning session. We are creating this space to listen to our young ladies (6th grade-College.) We want you to share your thoughts and ideas about what you need from us as program leaders and what you need from us a adults in a changing and responsive world.

Questions: What would you like to add to our planning schedule? What would you like to work on this year? What do you need from the adults in our communities? What do you want the world to know right now? How are you feeling about what's going on in our world?

Adults other than program leaders, we are asking that you commit to doing the following two things;
  1. Be silent during the meeting ( You can put questions/comments in the chat which may be addressed.)
  2. Commit to participating in an action that the young ladies identify.

Register for the Zoom Meeting using this link: https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJwvcuioqT4oHdys4DaAmPWGLwkFpmqpE-9h 
Things You Want To Know About

University of Colorado Denver

A Participant's Take-Away:

My take away is to be aware of what triggers me to react to the behavior rather than respond to the need. I've always seen the self-care mandate as a kind of escapism, like if I just had enough beers or massages, I would some how be calm and happy enough to love and cope. This workshop linked self-awareness, to self-regulation, to self-care. Self-care is what we do to regulate ourselves when we have the self-awareness to realize our own needs. 
An Organization That Is Doing Their Part to Change the World
This amazing organization is currently engaged in Trauma-Informed/Sensitive Training, Coaching and Consultation. They came to us because they wanted to make sure they were continuing their excellence in service of others. We are lifting them up as an exemplar to other organizations who don't just want information but want practices that work.

CHIC'S Mission: To build women's economic, social, and cultural capital because powerful women build healthy families and thriving communities. https://www.chicdenver.org/

They are acting and we are supporting their action with practice. Text Link
Check out the full conversation on YouTube.
Summer Camps
We are happy to share information to that supports our community. Please pass the information on. For more detai ls follow this link .
Global MindEd Industry Marketplace Lunch & Learn
Our hope is to provide information and access to students, families and communities about careers. Check out the first Industry Marketplace Lunch & Learn. Let us know what you would like to see next. To see the entire segment .
As The World Adjusts So Will We-Stay Tuned
Journey Through The Decades of Black Excellence Fashion Show

We are very sad to share that this event has been postponed. We are weighing our options for a Fall reschedule.
Sisterhood Worldwide Conference 2021- The Spirit of Harriet
Adjusting- Looking at Spring
After having such and amazing time at camp and seeing the power of teaching and supporting our young ladies to lead change, we want to hold a leadership conference. We already have young ladies attending from Uganda and were asked to include young ladies from Nigeria as well. If you think this is a great idea and want to be part of it let us know by following this link.
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