Online Newsletter for Summer 2018
FISHNADO! Community Impact Arts Grant makes a splash
Thanks to LA County's Arts Commission, our Day Program garden has been transformed by our artists, participants, volunteers and staff. Under the expert artistic direction of Elizabeth Criss, we accomplished the painting of an "Octopus in Paris" wall mural, a 14 foot high "Fishnado" art structure, and an exhibit of twinkling sounds that float above our heads.  
Enjoy the images of our new garden on our FB page or better yet, come through the Strathern gate off Lindley and experience the ocean, fish and undersea wonders that are splashing around TLC! 
Four Homes in a Heat Wave
Power outage sparks some
quick thinking and heroic action
It had been a hot July day: 110 in the shade! The afternoon was setting us up for a hot night. You never want to lose your air conditioning and power in a heat wave or any adverse weather condition. When 4 homes on Lindley Avenue lost power dark in July, our staff immediately stepped up with relocations galore. In short order, folks moved over for a "Sleepover" at the Day Program building where cots and inflated mattresses were assembled.
The confusion of the power going out in Hilton, Pearlman, Kronenthal and House 2 was matched by the confusion that the lights were still on in the Day Program building! Thank goodness that these structures sharing a city block do not share a power grid. The heroism of our Facility Maintenance staff and House Management staff was evident throughout the challenge. Other heroes and heroines were the 34 residents who went with the flow: they were as helpful and cheerful about the unanticipated chain of events as they could be. 
One takeaway from the "Sleepover" was our readiness to handle emergencies and our need to make sure the houses on other blocks of the San Fernando Valley are as well-prepared for Mother Nature as our 4 Lindley homes proved they were.
A shout out to Michelle Jenks and Rian McKinnon and Darlene Sturgeon-Rothe for their exemplary service in the heat of the night! 
Welcome to Camp TLC
"Can we do this every week?"
If you ask any of our residents to tell you about a favorite memory, chances are you'll hear about an experience at camp. You'll hear stories about "music, arts and crafts, games and canteen."

Using this information and under the creative direction of Elkwood House staff member, Karla Toledo, Camp TLC was born. Its purpose? It was for clients to socialize with peers, make new friends, enjoy summer fun and bring back those favorite memories.

Camp TLC was held on two Saturdays this summer. The Keck Center was transformed into a camp setting and fun prizes were passed out to clients as they entered camp. On July 14 th , clients participated in painting, beading, cookie decorating, bowling, Bingo, table top games, canteen and of course, music around a campfire. Mike Dwyer, a familiar face at TLC as our music therapist, played his guitar around the ‘campfire’ and staff and clients played instruments as they enjoyed the songs of summer. Mike had so much fun at Camp TLC that he asked if he could invite some musician friends to join us.
On August 4th, Camp TLC began with favorite camp foods (hotdogs, chips, and watermelon) and several homes prepared delicious salads and beans. Besides the food and the wonderful music, highlights from this event included creating tie dye T-shirts, beading bracelets, archery and a "make your own Sundae" bar.
What did residents tell us about their camp experience this year? The answers were, "had a good time", "enjoyed meeting new people and hanging out with my boyfriend", "lots of fun" and "can we do this every week?"

When asked to name a favorite camp activity, folks listed them all...finger painting, bowling, stringing beads, playing games, canteen, arts and crafts, tie dyeing T-shirts and singing.

Now we are addressing the overwhelming request to do it again: the plan is to repeat Camp TLC events each month throughout the summer. During the rest of the year, our clients and residential teams will work together to hold monthly events for all the TLC homes. Ideas that have been discussed are Karaoke Fun, TLC Talent Show, New Years’ Eve dance, a Valentines’ Day party, swim parties and game nights. We are excited about the next event and looking forward to adding more fun activities for all to enjoy.
The Mini-Mart Returns
Snack bar at Day Program run by clients
What do Jeff Bezos, Bill Hewlett, and Steve Jobs have in common? They all started their immensely successful companies in a garage, from a little tiny room to a multibillion-dollar company.
It must have felt like that to TLC participant Craig O., who was there 22 years ago at the humble beginning of the little store at TLC's Day Program. Back then, there was a limited selection of snacks for purchase. The customers only had 20 minutes to shop. Craig O. and Eddie F. combined efforts to run an enterprise with unforgettable shopkeeper hospitality!
Consumers used to love checking into the store daily, even if they had no plan to buy- they loved socializing in it. Staff members contributed to the venture too, helping to keep it going until a sad day in the late 1990's, when the store closed down. Consumers were shocked and disappointed about its closure, and wished that it would re-open soon. You know, there's a saying, "Never lose hope; you never know what tomorrow may bring."
Well folks, take it from Craig: a breakthrough took place in the Day Program last October. The Snack Pro Mini Mart, as named by its new volunteers, opened its doors. This enterprise was bigger and better, with a large variety of snacks, stationary items, pantry items, soft drinks, and bottled water. It's open five days a week. 
It is cordially attended by good-natured Day Program participants: Jorge, Rogelio, Michael and Ricky. They look to their pioneering leader, Craig O., who stepped back into his Shopkeeper Role without missing a beat. It is like Craig never stopped selling. 
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