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Dear FACT Families,

This message has information important to families with a child receiving services through their County Developmental Disability Program (CDDP) or Children’s Intensive In Home Services (CIIS) from the Office of Developmental Disability Services (ODDS).

First, we want to check in with you. These are challenging times for everyone as the COVID-19 pandemic has turned our world upside down. During this time, there is so much information coming at us that it can be overwhelming. You are not alone! We will get through this together!

Today we are sharing a letter from ODDS Director Lilia Teninty that describes policy changes, included in Policy Transmittal APD-PT-20-055 , to make it easier for families to access resources, services and supports during this time, recognizing we are all under additional stress, have children out of school and must stay home. 

While all of us share in the uncertainty of the upcoming months, many facing additional struggles, we ask you to pause and ask yourself, “Is there something that could support making this situation better for my child and family?” Specifically, to those of you with children with significant support needs, this could be the lifeline you needed. 

With that in mind, ask yourself these questions:

  • What are your child’s strengths and interests?
  • What works and what doesn’t work for your child?
  • What does a good day look like and what makes it a good day?

Now, as your read the summary of changes, consider how they might support your child:

Summary of Transmittal APD-PT-20-055 policy changes  

Service Coordination

  • No interruptions in service – during this emergency situation, Individual Support Plan (ISP) plan dates will be extended, and eligibility redeterminations paused to ensure there is no interruption in service. 
  • Services Coordinators able to connect with families over the phone or video chat – you can “meet” without it being in person. You can also authorize plans remotely.

Provider Support

  • Approved use of “summer hours” during school closure – hours of provider support are identified as a part of a needs assessment and reflected in your child’s ISP. They typically identify a higher number of hours for the summertime, recognizing that there is no school.
  • Assistance to ensure you can access necessary support providers – PSWs will be authorized to work overtime if COVID-19 related challenges are making it impossible to find support. There is a new ODDS Staffing Support team that may also be able to help you find agency staff available to support your child. Check with your Services Coordinator if you need this support.
  • Some supports may be able to be provided virtually – services that would typically include having a professional in your home, or an appointment out of the home, might be available through video chat. One example of this could be access to a behavior specialist through video chat.

Supplies and Services

  • ODDS has expanded the Family Support program and broadened criteria for access to items or services for families under stress due to the current emergency.
  • ODDS is strongly encouraging CDDPs and CIIS to explore options for increasing supports and to be flexible and responsive to family needs during this crisis. They can then authorize purchases of specific items or services up to a limit of $600 per child. Purchases will be made by the CDDP through an online vendor (i.e. Amazon,

This list describes some of the ‘Items or Services’ that can be purchased and we acknowledge that it might feel overwhelming!

- Assistive Devices
- Assistive Technology
- Safety Modifications
- Professional Behavior Services
- Specialized Medical Supplies
- Items related to behavioral, safety, medical, and/or ADL/IADL support need that is in the ISP
- Technology needed in order to facilitate telehealth, including case management services
- Items that may not be consistent with the expenditure guidelines

We've pulled some examples together in a visual format that might be helpful and have included it below:
It is a lot of information! Your child’s Services Coordinator (your contact person at the CDDP) is the person to contact with questions and requests. 

You can also reach out to a FACT Oregon Family Support Specialist if you would like to talk with another parent about what this could mean for your family. 

Through all of this, we urge you to apply generous amounts of grace as these are uncharted waters for all of us.
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Roberta Dunn
Executive Director
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