Different loads may require different 
forklifts and mast styles - read on for 
more details.

Forklift Loads - on a need to know basis
There is a little more to owning and operating a forklift than rolling it out onto the warehouse floor and moving stuff around. You must be very aware of your forklift, and the loads you are expecting it to handle.

What you are moving should always be considered before you select a forklift. Variables like weight, size, and height need to be evaluated in addition to how high or low you are storing the materials. Remember, the higher you are lifting your load in the air, the farther the capacity of your forklift will fall.

In selecting the mast for your forklift, keep all those same factors in mind, in addition to the width of your aisles. Rest assured that there is a forklift for your unique situation and that we can help you find it; whether it's a reach truck, a three-wheel electric or a five-stage mast.

As for your loads, we don't have to tell you that all loads are node made equal. Odd sizes and weights factor in to your purchasing decision as much as height of your racks or width of your aisles.

Various attachments and accessories can help you manage odd loads.  A tire clamp makes moving tires much easier and safer. Carpet warehouses can make use of an attachment that allows the lift to insert a rod into the core of the carpet roll to lift and move it as needed. Even workplaces that handle molten metals use a rotating attachment to move and pour their load.

Multiple pallets? No worries, bottling plants and other facilities can employ a "single double" attachment that allows manipulation and movement of multiple pallets.

Bottom line? Your forklift decision should be made by taking into consideration every factor and variable that will affect the truck you acquire, especially the loads you are expecting it to handle.

Here is a breakdown of mast styles

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