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March 2015 - What you need to know!
March Pests - What to look for
The spring season here in Southwest Florida is one of the most comfortable times of the year.  

The temperatures are mild, the humidity is usually low, and very little rainy days.  Great weather!! 

Because the humidity is low and the dry days lends to increase Flea activity.  The dryer it gets the more active the Fleas are...

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Treating the Bernier's for 21 Years
Ray and Marilyn BernierPark Shore Residents

Ray and Marilyn Bernier live in the beautiful Park shore area. They are very protective of their home. That's why they are long-time customers of Collier Pest Control.


"I was a former builder," explains Ray.   "In fact I was the first "Builder of the Year" here in Naples back in the 1970s.   So, I know a lot of people and businesses here and have had a long relationship with Phil Hadley and Collier Pest Control. I have been using their services for 21 years."



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Here's Some Really Cool Pests To Learn About
Learn Why Ants are Nuisance
Ants are a major nuisance here in Southwest Florida. They are a social insect that live in colonies. Many species of ants have just one queen in the colony...

Florida Snakes
There is 45 species of snakes in Florida with 6 being venomous and dangerous. We only have a few of those  and only 4 of them are venomous...

Yellow Headed Gecko
Yellow-headed Geckos where introduced to the Florida Keys and the Miami area, but have become increasingly uncommon, with none being reported...

Collier Pest Control was awarded the Super Service Award again for 2014
Ann Kamenicky Testimonial for Collier Pest Control

Collier Pest Control, Southwest Florida's Pest Authority, wishes to thank all of the Angie List Members for giving Collier Pest Control positive reviews and reports on their network!  


After Angie's List received all of your positive reviews over each of the past years, Angie's List awarded Collier Pest Control with their Super Service Award for 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014.  This means we received A rated reports....


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Occupational Discounts
Collier Pest Control, Southwest Florida's Pest Authority, wants to be supportive of our community and the people that make it work! Collier Pest Control thinks very highly of all people that offer their life to the betterment of our community with their life work. This is why we are a offer pest control OCCUPATIONAL DISCOUNTS to all public service people of our community. Read More - Click Here
Offer Expires 3/31/2015. Proof of service may be required before applying the discount. Excludes Rodent Proofing and Termite Services.
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