Things to do this month

  • Attend a SASS learning skills workshop
  • Enrol in Summer 2021 Term courses in SOLUS. Browse courses here.
  • Attend a Mindful Moments session hosted by SWS each Wednesday
  • Complete the 2021 ASO Student Lifestyle Survey if you haven't already (a reminder was sent to your Queen's U inbox today if you haven't already completed it)
  • If you're considering dropping a winter course, you must do so before March 5. This is the last date to drop a winter course without academic penalty.
Important dates


March 5, 2021: Last day to drop winter term and multi term courses without academic penalty
March 7, 2021: Last day to submit exam accommodation requests (If applicable) (note: students who need long term accommodation should reach out to QSAS for assistance early in the term)
April 9, 2021: Classes end
April 14-30, 2021: Exam Period

Note: See information about fee refunds, including the "Drop Date Schedule for Undergraduate Programs" on the Registrar's website. Note that if you drop a winter course after Feb. 5 (Feb. 6 until March 5), you will only get a 25% refund, versus 50% if you drop by Feb. 5.

A message from your Academic Advisor


With the term almost half over, we like to check in to make sure things are going smoothly with your online courses. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us by email at

Remember that March 5 is the deadline to drop a winter course without academic penalty. In other words, any course that you are still enrolled in after March 5 will remain on your transcript. If you are on the fence about whether or not to drop a course, feel free to reach out to us for guidance.

As always, we encourage you to join the ASO Student Facebook Group if you haven't already. It's a great place to connect with your peers, ask questions, and form study groups.

Best wishes,
Debby Leach (Academic Advisor, Arts and Science Online)
Student Academic Success Services (SASS) Workshops

Each term, Queen's Student Academic Success Services runs several online workshops to help improve students' academic skills. Check out these upcoming sessions:

  • Editing Reports and Essays (February 10 at 1 and 6 pm EST)
  • Beating procrastination (February 17 at 1 and 6 pm EST)

Summer 2021 course enrolment in SOLUS

Summer 2021 enrolment is open. You may enrol in your courses for the summer term by adding courses in your SOLUS account. Directions on how to add courses in SOLUS can be found here. Note that when doing an online class search in SOLUS, be sure to change the "course career" to "undergraduate online". Also note that all proctored final exams will be held online this summer due to physical distancing required by impacts of COVID-19, and we are waiving the off-campus exam fee for summer courses.

This page of our website provides the list of summer courses; we recommend reviewing prerequisites and exclusions on our course pages before enrolling in SOLUS.
Student Wellness Services Mindful Moments (new!)

Student Wellness Services (SWS) has introduced Mindful Moments, a new initiative to support student mental health and stress management during this challenging time.

Mindful moments, a weekly drop-in group session, will take place each Wednesday from 2:30 - 3:15 pm EST until April 28, 2021.

Learn more about Mindful Moments here, and explore SWS's numerous other mental health resources such as self-directed workbooks, Therapy Assistance Online (TAO), and much more.
2021 ASO Student Lifestyle Survey

Don't forget to complete our 2021 ASO Student Lifestlye Survey if you haven't already! We sent you a reminder email this morning if you haven't yet completed it (check your junk mail if you don't see it!). This survey is meant to gather information that will help us to:

  • improve your student experience through better communications and support
  • inform future course and program offerings
  • develop better recruitment strategies for future online students

By participating in the survey, you will be entered to win one of four $100 Queen's Campus Bookstore shopping sprees.
Ban Righ Centre Spring Awards 2021 for mature women students

Every year, The Ban Righ Centre presents 11 awards to applaud the character and determination of mature women students at Queen’s. To see if you're eligible, and for instructions to apply, please the Ban Righ website for details. The deadline to apply is March 4, 2021.
Have questions?

Arts and Science Online is here to help you with registration, online course access, exam centres, course selection, program requirements, and general information about your courses or online studies. When writing to Arts and Science Online (, please use your Queen's email address and provide your Student ID number in the message. This will help the front desk team when answering your questions.