2021 Entrepreneurship/IT Conference Webinar
Entrepreneurs & Economic Recovery
A New Model for 2021

In Celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month
Friday, Sept. 17th, 2021
1:00pm - 3:30pm
a Zoom webinar hosted by Dialogue on Diversity
In the wake of a pandemic, today’s entrepreneurs find themselves in a competitive environment demanding new and innovative thinking. Celebrating a vigorous revival of the economic energies wielded by creative new enterprises, a panel of experts examine the many facets of recovery that are creating a new entrepreneurship model. Finding new themes in the panoply of newly honed skills, while the traditional lore of business is today being re-fashioned by the New Entrepreneur
What you will learn...
  • How has the job of "Entrepreneur" changed in the last 24 months ? What new challenges does he/she have to think about that previously were never on the table ?
  • The quest for solutions to our problems of rebuilding and recovery stimulate a restless and inventive society. — how may an industrious workforce and entrepreneurial class be fully energized?
  • What is the essence of a business plan ?  And what are the requisites for puzzling it out and for the persistence to follow its twists and turns ?
  • Are Business Plans magic? Are they sacred and permanent ? Or do wise entrepreneurs respond to our bright ideas and adapt to a changing marketplace ? And if so, how ?
  • Where is the workforce heading? If you are part of the workforce, how must we work productively and imaginatively?
  • When we pick up the pieces for the recovery and discover that we need money, expertise and a workforce to lean on, where will these resources come from ?
  • What do we aim at in the fashioning of new services and products for a new era of progress? What is creative destruction? Where to the best ideas come from ?
  • For entrepreneurs, is economic stress an incubator for innovation that leads to recovery ?
  • What is the role of government for today's entrepreneur trying to bootstrap his/her way out of recession ?
  • Given challenges of the coronavirus, is there a streamlined process in place to provide loans and other financial help to small business startups, especially for disabled veteran entrepreneurs and minorities starting out ?
  • Is government assistance in the form of small business loans and/or subsidies going to be a short or long term commitment ?
  • Will economic recovery from the COVID pandemic position the business world in a more socially responsible role globally ?
  • What lessons should today's entrepreneurs take from current events that will empower them to be successful in the future ?
  • The COVID contagion is working itself out with deliberate speed. Will the resources of vigilant scientists and a vast pharmaceutical industry overcome the pandemic in the near future ?
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