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What's It Like To Have
"Egg On Your Face?"
Just When You Think It Works....

Have you ever noticed when you think that something is "just about" ready, it really means that it isn't ready?

Moving is interesting. You can plan and plan and most of it works - or at least the big stuff that you planned for. But, then there are things like the web-site and Google! Need I say more?

We always had an active web-site to keep our customers up-to-date with the "goings-on." We didn't care about Google because all of our customers were repeat or referral. When your customers are repeats or referrals, Google listings are not very important. But in a new location, Google visibility becomes more important.
So, there I go, keyboard in hand! Getting the web-site updated to the current Google standards. Writing newsletters that refer back to the new web-site. Happy as the proverbial "bug in a rug."

Did you know that a bug in a rug can get stepped on? Yes, it can! It's just like getting "egg on your face." You think you're the master chef and then - POW! - right in the kisser! Nothing works together! It "just about" works, but "just about" doesn't work on the web. It either works or it doesn't work - and mine didn't work.

Enough about me. I want to take this opportunity to apologize to our quilting friends who have wondered "Where did go?" Or, "their email addresses don't work any more!" Or "What is and why did it work but doesn't anymore?"

It was me. Mea culpa! I tried to dance with our internet service provider and Google all at the same time. It didn't work so well. Everyone stepped on each other's toes.
It took me only three days to build the new web-site. It took another ten days to fix it - and two things still don't work [ and do not forward to the .com address.] But, they tell me that even those are in the process of being corrected by propagation over the web. [Is that another egg I see flying toward my face?]

Sew, our email addresses work. works. It is a secure site. It is built to Google standards.

The question is, "will I have egg on my face" again next week or will the forwarding work?

I hope the the forwarding will work. In the meantime check out our new, secure website at .

[Yip-pee! I just tested this email and the web-site and addresses work!]
Enjoy your blessings!
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