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Brave Leadership
I first came into contact with Brené Brown when I was delivering a training for peer mentors. Her video teaching about the difference between empathy and sympathy was much valued. I considering empathy as a crucial 21st century global skill, and this video https://youtu.be/1Evwgu369Jw became an essential tool for my training programs.

Her book Dare to Lead resonates with me in the same way. In Dare to Lead , she dispels myths about modern-day workplace and shows us that true leadership is built upon vulnerability, values, trust and resilience.
Brown shares, “The courage to be vulnerable is not about winning or losing, it’s about the courage to show up when you can’t predict or control the outcome.” In Dare to Lead, Brown teaches us through relevant examples that leadership is not about looking strong (when you don’t feel strong); it’s about a willingness to be vulnerable. Scary situations always involve courage, and courage requires vulnerability. Vulnerability is defined in the book as the emotion that we experience during times of uncertainty, risk and emotional exposure.
Valuable skill sets covered in the book include:
  • Braving Trust
  • Learning to Rise
  • Living into our values
Continue reading at https://bit.ly/2xL0hBY Dare to Lead is available at Chez Alpha Books
The importance of books as we
struggle with COVID-19
  • Readers have been buying more books, just like other more essential items in the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Shoppers are looking for 'ambitious reads', children's books and texts on pandemics.
Food, water, and medicine are obvious essentials right now. We rely on these things to survive. Technically, however, we don’t need lots of the other stuff that was a given before the coronavirus pandemic made shut-ins of a huge chunk of the global population. Thus, what is essential has become a matter of great debate around the world. Depending on who you ask and where they live, the answers differ drastically.

For many, books are essential. They provide food for thought. At a time when our thoughts are running wild, escaping into other experiences, or trying to understand what’s happening through the lens of historical accounts, is a kind of lifesaver.
But a book is not a respirator, after all, and so even in places where they are an important source of solace in an extremely challenging time— like in Italy —many dispute the argument that texts are essential.

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We Love African Folktales
Teni and Tayo creations make books, toys and accessories for kids featuring diverse characters and African stories. We received this great message from them saying, "We invite families to gather up their kids! Snuggle up, get cozy and listen to an  old African folktale about why lightning and thunder live in the sky . I'm sure many parents will relate to why thunder had to get so loud 😩. When you are done watching the video with your kids, check out this quick guide that will give you some interesting facts about lightning as well as a couple of experiments you can do with the kids at home. I hope you enjoy!"

At Chez Alpha Books, we love books by Teni and Tayo. Are you familiar with Feyi Fay and the Case of the Mysterious Madam Koi Koi ? It is the first book in what is fast becoming a wonderful series for young readers ages 6-10. Our readers love it. With the help of a magical app, Feyi Fay (the fairy) travels the world helping kids with any problem they can imagine. Bullying, making friends, monsters… anything!

The first book in the series takes Feyi to England to help a little boy with a mysterious case. An old Nigerian legend seems to have come alive in the boy's living room!With the help of some magic glitter that makes you invisible, cookies that make you giant-sized, and a stick that shrinks you as tiny as an ant, the little boy learns that it’s far better to face your problems than to run away from them.

The author's name is Simisayo Brownstone and her name is Omobola. She is the CEO and founder of Teni and Tayo, and Feyi Fay is good reading!

Feyi Fay is available at Chez Alpha Books. Read with us!
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