Quarterly Newsletter | Spring 2020
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August 14, 2020
Nov 11, 2020 (Wrap up via Zoom)
Aug 21-23, 2020
September 26, 2020
Message from the Executive Director
As I write this message I find myself reflecting on the 60-year history of Camp Health, Hope & Happiness. Reflecting on how so many things around the facility have changed over the last six decades while our desire to provide barrier-free summer camping experiences for individuals of all ages with disabilities has never wavered.

Whoever imagined a world-wide pandemic would take center stage on the year of our 60 th anniversary? With the onset of Covid-19 in mid-March, our spring rental program came to an immediate screeching halt, and the most difficult decision of my life lie before me. With a heavy heart, the decision to cancel all 2020 summer camp programs was made in early April to ensure the health and wellness of our campers, their family members, camp-staff, and the many other groups of people associated with our programs.

Currently, at Camp He Ho Ha we are working hard to eliminate all non-essential spending while finding creative ways to generate a few dollars while riding out the economic storm. With the entire summer a wash; my hopes are now focused on the leaves turning colour; a time when historically our facility is busy with various rental groups staying with us. This would be a blessing with some staff returning to work, essential revenue being generated, and an opportunity to turn the corner and hopefully get things back to the “old normal” as much as we can.

Until then we will focus on things within our control. Each day I am grateful for this wonderful facility and the amazing community of people who support our efforts. We understand we are not alone. We will get through these challenging times together.

Stay well my friend and I hope to see you back at Camp Health, Hope & Happiness on Lake Isle real soon!

Greg Nielsen
Executive Director, Camp Health, Hope & Happiness
JOIN #Gratitude60
Please join us in our 60th Anniversary Celebration Fundraiser: #Gratitude60 . Celebrate the incredible history of Camp He Ho Ha to create a place of acceptance, inclusion, and love for thousands of Albertans with disabilities. Reflect on all that you are thankful for and share your positive thoughts and gratitude with others.

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4.

  1. Join the campaign by making a minimum $25 personal donation,
  2. Share your participation in the event and post your daily gratitude to social media using the hashtags #Gratitude60 #60YearsStrong #CampHeHoHa,
  3. Raise a minimum of $100 in pledges to receive your 60th Anniversary summer camp T-Shirt,
  4. Join us on Zoom for 60 minutes of Gratitude on November 11th, 2020.
Our Heartbreaking Cancellation
Life here at Camp He Ho Ha life is certainly different than most summers. As with many service organizations across the province, country, and world we have been heavily impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. In April 2020 we announced that for the health and safety (and thus the best interests of our campers and staff) as well as the longevity of Camp He Ho Ha, all summer camp programs for 2020 were cancelled.

This decision was not made lightly. We considered all possibilities including partial cancellations or postponing programs and ultimately decided that the full season of summer camps must be cancelled entirely. In 60 years we have never had to cancel our programs like this before, and we are certainly full of grief that this had to occur.

It is heartbreaking and our staff have cried many tears over the sadness in denying our ~750 campers the opportunity of Camp this summer. Tears have also been shed for the summer staff that are missing the chance to embrace and share love with our campers, and the rental groups that don’t get to experience the beauty and kindness of Camp Health, Hope & Happiness.

The inability to run our programs this year means that the hours of Camp operations have changed to decrease our costs as much as possible. If you need to reach our offices, it will be easiest to do so by e-mail. You can reach our staff best by email. ( Visit our website for our Staff Directory )
Thank you to the numerous campers, caregivers and family members for your generous donation of 2020 camper fees. Your support leaves us without words and is appreciated beyond belief.

If the changes to Camp and the difficult times that we are facing inspire you to donate to Camp He Ho Ha (we are incredibly confident we will continue to offer summer camp programs to people with special needs in the future) we would graciously accept your support. 

We will do our best to continue to serve you in these rapidly changing times. 
Donate Now
Every single donation makes a difference in helping change lives and empowers people of all abilities at Camp Health, Hope & Happiness. The incredible work we do is only possible because of donors like you. With your support, individuals with physical and mental disabilities will be able to attend more than just summer camp; they will be empowered through activity with memories that last!
Do you want to Swing?
The 3rd Annual Swing Fore Camp Charity Golf Event has already kicked off! What are you waiting for?

Go onto our website now to join the campaign , register your team , and donate to the fundraiser . A few golfers are already aiming to make a big difference with their participation in the event and have already brought in pledges for this year's tournament.

If social distancing guidelines permit we will host a wrap-up tournament on August 14th, 2020 at Pineridge GC. Raise $500 or more in pledges/donations over the summer and enjoy COMPLIMENTARY participation in this FUN day of golf shenanigans.
Realtors Community Foundation Gives Traction to Camp Programs
Thanks to a generous grant from the Realtors Charitable Foundation Edmonton & Area Camp He Ho Ha has a new golf cart. The new golf cart will be used to effectively and safely transport donors and facility guests with mobility issues around the facility and quickly and safely transport nursing staff, their equipment, and potentially injured campers/counsellors to/from the Medical Centre.

The ongoing support and generosity of the Realtors Community Foundation is part of what makes Camp He Ho Ha possible. We’re so appreciative that your organization is committed to funding local charities and that you’ve selected us as one of your charities of choice. Thank you!
NEW Safe and Efficient Range for Camp Arts Programs
Thank you to the Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation for your generous support of Camp Programs by donating funds to purchase a new range for Arts and Crafts.

Campers use this new stove to cook and bake treats (puddings, Jello, cookies, muffins, etc.) with their counsellors for snack time, bake clay and other craft projects, and experience independence with kitchen appliances. The range is also available for use by camp counsellors and facility rentals groups.

Thank you Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation for your support of our campers and programs.
Pictured is our old stove and hood fan and the new safer stove and hood fan that replaced it thanks to the gift from the Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation
Join the 25th Annual Shoot for Cause Archery Shoot
The 25th annual Shoot for Cause Archery Competition Fundraiser is scheduled to be held at Camp He Ho Ha August 21-23, 2020 .

For 24 years the Shoot for Cause Archery Competition has grown to be one of our most successful fundraising events bringing in over $95,000 last year alone. You can be a part of this historical event and help raise funds for Camp. Join archers from across the province in fundraising for people with special needs through your passion for archery.

REGISTER TODAY and raise $500 in pledges/donations for a chance to win great prizes and make a difference for children and adults with disabilities.
Thank you Crystal Glass and the Bean Family Foundation
Thank you Crystal Glass for your incredible support of Camp He Ho Ha. Your generosity helps ensure our programs for Albertans with disabilities are strong and resilient. 
Crystal Glass has been a proud supporter of Camp He Ho Ha for many years. With 50 locations throughout Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan, they are western Canada's largest automotive glass experts, and they are also a company with a heart for the community!

A special thank you to the Bean Family Foundation , and Ed and Ingrid Bean for their generous gift to Camp Health, Hope & Happiness. We are thankful for your long-standing commitment to Camp personally and professionally.
ACT/UCT Red Deer Continues to Give to Camp He Ho Ha
A big Camp He Ho Ha thank you to ACT/UCT #1021 Red Deer Club for your support of Camp He Ho Ha. 

Over the last three decades, the ACT/UCT Red Deer branch has contributed over $65,000 to support programs and resources at Camp for individuals with physical and mental disabilities. We are grateful for your commitment to make camp a special place for thousands of Albertans.

Thank you for your support ACT/UCT #1021 Red Deer ! You and your members make a positive difference in the lives of our campers!
Heartland Choir Wins the 2019 Rental Group Fundraising 'Cash for Camp' Grand Prize
Last year over $18,000 was raised by our rental groups through our 'Cash for Camp' Program. We would like to thank EVERYONE who donated and raised pledges! Your impact is monumental, thank you! A huge congratulations to our winners of the Grand Prize AB Heartland Choir , and the second prize winners Quilting Adventures .
Enjoy a Summer of Relaxing Yoga and Pose for a Purpose
The 2020 Yoga & Wellness Retreat Charitable Fundraiser at Camp He Ho Ha has gone VIRTUAL !

Enjoy your Yoga Practice from the comfort and safety of your own home while making a positive difference in the lives of Albertans with disabilities. Register for the event, post your yoga poses on social media with the hashtags #YogaAndWellnessRetreat #CampHeHoHa, and join Ryan Leier for a special online Zoom yoga class on September 26, 2020.

Beyond making a difference in your mind and body, this fundraiser makes a difference to hundreds of Albertans with disabilities by raising money for inclusive summer camp programs.

Don't miss out, JOIN TODAY!
Thank you ACT St. Albert
We are so grateful for the generosity of the ACT St. Albert Council #1024 . Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, a few of their members managed to stop by Camp in early May with a generous donation from their club.

Thank you to each of you fine folks for your support of us in these unprecedented times, it makes all the difference in the world!
Experiencing inclusion and unconditional love and the confidence that their loved one is safe and well cared for is a gift only someone like you can provide countless individuals with disabilities and their families.
2020 Annual Campaign
Many in our donor family will have received a letter in the mail as a part of our annual campaign.

Thank you to those of you who have already given, the value your donation brings to campers and their support network is immeasurable. For the mothers, fathers, caregivers, and family members of an individual with a disability finding supportive and inclusive respite programs can be a challenge. Having a reputable facility and programs like ours means more than words can explain to our campers and their loved ones.

Although our society has made terrific strides there are still many barriers that people with disabilities face every day. However, at Camp He Ho Ha we offer acceptance without judgement. We create an atmosphere of love where each individual is celebrated and campers are encouraged to be themselves and believe in their abilities.