Newsletter | Summer 2021
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Virtual Swing FORE Camp Golf Challenge
Virtual Summer Camps
Message from the Executive Director
I hope this message finds you and your loved ones safe and healthy, as we cautiously ease back into some modified form of normality in our lives.

As the last days and weeks of summer pass by we find ourselves optimistic that we may have guests back onsite starting this fall. An opportunity to get some staff back to work, share our beautiful facility with the public, and enjoy a more normal end to another long year.

The decision to cancel all 2021 camps for the second year in a row was certainly a difficult one. However, it was clear in early April that with the social distancing, and masking regulations still in place, and Albertans just beginning to receive vaccinations, another summer camping season would be lost. The loss of another summer season was tragic on many levels. From the campers that were unable to count down the days until they would return to Camp Health, Hope & Happiness, to the caregivers that missed out on the much-needed six days of respite, to the dedicated camp staff that live each day to provide opportunities for our campers. The list is endless, and each, and every individual associated with Camp He Ho Ha has missed out in some heartfelt way.

We are already looking forward to having campers back with us for summer 2022!

Throughout the summer we have been providing a virtual summer camp experience weekly to those campers who chose to join us every Wednesday night. This connection each week has allowed campers to ask questions regarding camp's future, visit with others while building their camp community, and most importantly, enjoy an hour-long snapshot of camp fun that they all miss so very much.
If you are able to contribute, please consider donating to our organization today. More than ever your financial support is required to ensure the future of Camp Health, Hope & Happiness is secure into the 2022 summer camping season and beyond. 

Wishing you health, wellness, and peace throughout the rest of summer 2021.

With Gratitude,

Greg Nielsen
Executive Director
Camp Health, Hope & Happiness
Donate Now
Every single donation makes a difference in helping change lives and empowers people of all abilities at Camp Health, Hope & Happiness. The incredible work we do is only possible because of donors like you. With your support, individuals with physical and mental disabilities will be able to attend more than just summer camp; they will be empowered through activity with memories that last!
A special thank you to Pineridge Golf Resort for their support of this event.
Virtual Swing FORE Camp Charity Golf Challenge
In honour of our 10 summer camp programs, we challenged you to golf at least 10 rounds on your favourite courses! ...And there is still time to sign up and raise some money for Camp!

During the last bit of summer, you can golf at a local course as you watch your golf game improve, or just enjoy being outside and getting some fresh air as you make a difference for kids and adults with disabilities.

Why 10 rounds of golf? We run 10 week-long barrier-free summer camps throughout our traditional summer season. Each round golfed will be dedicated to one of our 10 summer camps. It's a big, but achievable goal.

If you raise at least $300, you will get your name entered into a prize draw to win either one of two possible prizes; a $500 or a $250 gift card for The Ranch Golf Club. And for every additional $50 you raise over $300, you will get another raffle entry to the prize draw. 

To show our appreciation, our top fundraiser will also earn a $250 gift card to The Ranch Golf Club. 
Virtual Camps Continue
Another season of virtual camps is back online at Camp He Ho Ha. Programs are hosted Wednesday Evenings at 7:00 pm and include everything from Arts & Crafts to Skit Night performances, Counsellor punishments, and a relaxed Chill & Chat.

At a time when many of our campers are struggling to feel more connected, these online camps are a highlight of the week. They are socializing more, making friends, and enjoying fun activities.

In a year when we could not run in-person programs, we are grateful for the ability to remain connected and make a difference in the lives of people with disabilities through technology.

Virtual Shoot for Cause Archery Challenge
Archery for fun, making a difference for many.

For our 25th Anniversary, we invited our archery enthusiasts to participate in our completely virtual archery shoot.

Thank you so much to all our Shoot for Cause participants! Through this campaign, 13 participants shot 2694 arrows and got 115 donors to give $15,020 to summer camp programs! Thank you, you archers, you always go the extra mile to make a difference at Camp He Ho Ha.

We hope you all feel more than ready for the fall competition/ hunting season. 

A special congratulations to Brett Cooper on winning the draw for the 2021 Prime Archery Bow. Brett raised $4,140 for Camp through this year's fundraiser.
New Mower from ACT/UCT Edmonton
A big Thank you to the Edmonton ACT/UCT chapter #1016 for their very generous donation of $15,000 to assist Camp with purchasing a new ride-on lawn tractor and mower. Your support will ensure we can continue maintaining our 100+ acre property for campers and facility guests for many years to come.

The ACT/UCT Edmonton branch #1016 has been a dedicated partner of Camp He Ho Ha for decades and we would not be where we are today without their kindness and generosity.

Thank you ACT/UCT Edmonton #1016.
Members from UCT Edmonton #1016 and
Camp He Ho Ha Executive Director Greg Nielsen
Greg and Joan Nielsen with Jim Taylor and Gail Reimer representing the Camrose Lions Club
Thank you Camrose Lions Club for your Donation
Thank you so much Camrose Lions Club for your generous donation to Camp He Ho Ha. Your contribution means the world to hundreds of Albertans with disabilities who get to enjoy Camp next year!

The Camrose Lions Club has been a loyal supporter of Camp since 2003.

Thank you Camrose Lions Club.
Kiwanis Cocktails and Connection 
Thank you to the Edmonton Oil Capital Kiwanis Club for hosting a series of mixology evenings in partnership with Wine and Beyond Windermere in support of Camp.
Participants learned to make cocktails and the finer points of wine-tasting for beginners. The events were a lot of fun and raised a few hundred dollars.

We are so thankful to all our donors who come up with creative ideas to raise money for Camp.
Online Events were hosted via Zoom in March and April 2021 in partnership with Wine and Beyond Windermere. Pictured is Pawel Maka making a cocktail.
Wrapping up the #MoveGrooveImprove Challenge
This Spring we challenged you to take care of your health through a virtual exercise challenge. Campers, staff, and supporters all signed up and walked, rolled, danced, stretched, exercised, or otherwise "Moved, Grooved & Improved" their way to improved mental and physical health!

Thank you to all our event participants for your support! Through this campaign 24 participants exercised for 39,759 minutes and attracted 75 donors to raise $5,615 for summer camp!

Event participants smashed our exercise goal of 30,000 minutes and really got moving. We hope this campaign made a difference in your physical and mental well-being. We know it made a difference to Camp!

Congratulations to Jill Buehler the winner of the draw for their choice of an Apple iWatch6 (GPS) or a Garmin Venu! We hope you enjoy your prize and thank you for supporting Camp He Ho Ha.
In Loving Memory of Ivor McBeath
In 2020 Camp lost our dedicated Board President and long-time friend Ivor MacBeath. His passion and commitment to Camp He Ho Ha and our campers will always be remembered.

To honour his 30+ year commitment to Camp a commemorative plaque was resurrected along the peaceful and beautiful Bates Point pathway on the North of the property.

Ivor will be remembered as Camp’s cheerleader, a volunteer extraordinaire, an advocate, a confidant, and a great friend. Thank you Ivor your Memory will live on always in our hearts.
Did you Know?
A portion of the revenues generated from this program assist in funding individuals with special needs to attend the summer programs provided at Camp.
Facility Rentals
Our facility rentals program is BACK and BOOKING groups starting September 2021 and going forward.

Book your next conference, meeting, retreat, getaway, workshop, wedding, or family reunion at our fully modern, wheelchair-accessible facility. Enjoy our heated buildings, spacious accommodation, comfortable meeting rooms, home-cooked meals, and our wide range of recreational opportunities.

We can help you plan a stay designed to meet all aspects of your group’s needs! Check out more information on our Facilities Rentals Progam.
Out of the Office
To decrease costs and overhead, staffing hours have been reduced for the remainder of 2021. If you need to reach our offices, it is easiest to do so by email.

2021 Annual Campaign
Many in our donor family received a letter in the mail this past spring as a part of our annual giving campaign and many have already donated.

Thank you to those of you who have already given, the value your donation brings to campers and their support network is immeasurable. If you haven't given yet please consider making a gift today.

For the mothers, fathers, caregivers, and family members of an individual with a disability finding supportive and inclusive respite programs can be a challenge. Having a reputable facility and programs like ours means more than words can explain to our campers and their loved ones.
Experiencing inclusion and unconditional love is a gift only someone like you can provide countless individuals with disabilities.
While their loved one is at camp, families can rest with confidence knowing that their loved one is safe and well cared for.