Dear Branch Friends and Supporters,

2019 has begun as a beautiful new year for The Branch! It is not only our Centennial year, but we are re-energized by having secured a new, low-interest mortgage. In addition, we are going to begin some much-needed roof work on our northeast and northwest corners. Few people get quite as excited as we are about roof work, but we are charged-up with new optimism about taking this huge step forward for our wonderful Branch House.

I’m also personally excited about the Monumental Youth Exhibition in our galleries. This exhibition is really what The Branch is all about. It gives a voice to young people tackling large design ideas in thoughtful and exciting ways. It also addresses a pressing design challenge confronting our community and many others. The models from these young people will sometimes make you laugh, but always make you think. We are happy to be empowering young students to feel that they can be a part of this important discussion. Come see for yourself – and I promise the “Ball of Fire” will make you laugh (and want to be the person represented).
Penelope C. Fletcher
Executive Director
Monumental Youth

Current – April 20, 2019 in the Long Gallery


This exhibit collects the designs of Richmond region high school students for the next monument on Monument Avenue. The narratives, sketches, and sculptures shown here address issues of representation in public statuary, heroism, and visions for an Avenue that reflects the values of its youngest community members.

Storefront for Community Design  + the mOb Studio have asked Richmond region high school students to design the next monument on Monument Avenue. Students were asked to identify a hero, distinguish between memorials and monuments, and consider the role of public art as it reflects the dynamic and diverse population of Richmond .  On display will be a model of each student's monument, a sketch of their monument, and a short written narrative defending their design choices and figures. 

Each entry includes a sculpture, a sketch, and a short narrative statement about the choices guiding the proposal.

A companion exhibit is on display at  The Valentine : the entries are from a national design competition to conceptually re-imagine Monument Avenue and contribute to this important dialogue about race, memory, the urban landscape and public art.
Historic Richmond Lectures This Month at The Branch!
Revitalization in Historic Neighborhoods
Thursday, February 28, 2019
The Branch Museum of Architecture and Design
2501 Monument Avenue

Lecture 6:00- 7:00 p.m. | Reception to follow 7:00- 8:00 p.m.

A thought-provoking and relevant panel discussion focused on how historic preservation and affordable housing work hand-in-hand to “keep the neighborhood in the neighborhood.” Join us as we explore innovative approaches to maintaining affordability in revitalizing historic neighborhoods, including enhanced community outreach and partnerships between historic preservationists and housing nonprofits.

Marion Cake, Director of Neighborhood Revitalization, project:HOMES
Nick Feucht, Special Assistant to the Deputy Chief Administrative Officer for Economic Development and Planning
Julie Langan, Director of the Virginia Department of Historic Resources

Colonial Revival: The Historian’s Perspective On An Enduring American Architectural Aesthetic
Thursday, March 28, 2019
The Branch Museum of Architecture and Design
2501 Monument Avenue

Lecture 6:00- 7:00 p.m. | Reception to follow 7:00- 8:00 p.m.

Known for the dignity of symmetrical facades and accentuated front entrance ways, Colonial Revival has been a popular choice for residential and public architecture since the 19th century. Join us as Richard Guy Wilson, author of multiple works focusing on Colonial Revival architecture, discusses the origins, evolution and importance of this style on a national level, as well as some of its regional variations, including those in Virginia.

Richard Guy Wilson, Commonwealth Professor, Architectural History, University of Virginia School of Architecture

Garden Clean Up Day at The Branch House
March 23rd from 9 a.m.- 12 p.m.

The Branch is looking for volunteers with green thumbs to help clean-up our gardens as we prepare for a very busy spring season at the Branch House.

Are you interested in helping out and spending your Saturday morning with us? Come and volunteer--bring a tool if you have one (Our supply of rakes, clippers, etc. is limited).

Coffee and Donuts provided!

Branch Summer Architecture Camp dates announced!
2019 Summer Camp Dates:

for rising 6th-8th graders
Architecture Camp is a 5 day experience that immerses campers in the world of architecture and design. The Branch House is their workshop, as they learn to appreciate the built environment that surrounds them, and most importantly, how they can improve it in a positive way! Campers are challenged to think critically about architecture, and empowered to believe that design can improve quality of life, and impact their community. Campers participate in projects that involve 2-D and 3-D design challenges and learn about professional careers in design.
Architecture Camp is a program for rising 6th through 8th grade students using the Branch House as a learning tool and art object.