Wheat Variety Selection Tool
Wheat Variety Selection Tool - Now Up and Running!
NC State Extension, with support from the NC Small Grain Growers Association has released a Wheat Variety Selection Tool!  This has been 3 years in the making.  The tool contains up to 7 years of variety data and data is added each year. 
The tool allows you to find varieties with a search by variety name to look at specifics, or to Query varieties and filter by certain characteristics such as yield or disease resistance. Once you have narrowed your search you can directly compare multiple varieties side-by-side.  In addition, through the analytics tool you can look at individual location, statewide and multi-year data all in the same window, and sort by whichever characteristic you are most interested in.      
We believe this tool can be a great help in choosing a wheat variety that best fits your needs. 
Example, if you are primarily interested in disease resistance, and test weight, you can query those characteristics and the tool will give you a list of the best varieties for those chosen characteristics.  Then, you can compare each of those varieties on a single screen.  If you decide to change characteristics, you will get a different set of recommended varieties.
The links below will allow you to watch a tutorial as well as access the tool.

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