South Miami City News & Updates
May 27, 2020 | Issue 9
Jump-start preparation now for 2020 Hurricane Season
With the official start of the 2020 Hurricane Season June 1, the very first step is to dust off your hurricane-preparedness plan. Topping the list: Remove any hint of complacency because when a disaster strikes, the time to prepare has already passed.

The best place to start is Miami-Dade County's Official Hurricane Preparedness Guide . Everyone should have received a copy last week via U.S. Mail if not, get the Guide Online .

Flood Prone Areas
There is also a wide range of resources available on the South Miami website, including a City Brochure offering tips for people who live in or near flood-prone areas.

Storm Shutters
In an effort to reduce hurricane damage, all new buildings are now constructed with hurricane storm shutters. Installation is simple but requires a building permit that can be obtained by calling 305-663-6355 or by visiting Code Enforcement online for information.

Harmful Projectiles
Also online, take a look at this City Notice that may be issued when construction-related material remains loose or unsecured at a construction site during a hurricane watch or warning. Material like roof tiles, lumber, and scaffolding could case serious projectile damage.

Start Now
Experts are predicting a "more active than normal" 2020 Atlantic hurricane season with up to 19 named storms. The best way to approach the season is to do the things you can now to be prepared:

  • Create a checklist for emergency food & supplies;
  • Know in advance what to do in the event of a hurricane watch or warning, and if evacuation orders are issued;
  • Know the locations of evacuation centers;
  • Have specific plans in place for the elderly, infirmed, and your pets;
  • Pinpoint an interior room in your home where you can take refuge, if need be; and
  • Continue to monitor emergency information and alerts.

Register Seniors
For senior citizens who live alone in their home, you might consider registering in advance with the City of South Miami Police Department’s Emergency Management team.

By getting your name on their list in advance, they will come to your home following a major storm event to check on your welfare. Please call the Police Department at 305-663-6301 for more information.

Tax Holiday
One last note for those who need to stock up on Qualifying Items such as a generator, batteries, or tarps: the State of Florida 2020 Tax Holiday extends from May 29 to midnight on June 4.