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Winter 2019:
When Dreams Come True
369 Pleasant Street Northampton, MA 01060
115 Elm Street, Suite 210, Enfield, CT 06082
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When Dreams Come True
NHC Office
When I graduated from naturopathic school in 1986, the very next day I married a classmate & man of my dreams. It was quite a weekend! I had another dream, to practice in a cozy, light-filled setting, helping patients find better health and vitality. As life would have it, we ultimately moved to a state that did not license naturopathic doctors, so set up shop some 25 miles from home. Because the work of naturopathic medicine was fairly unknown at that time, we felt a plain medical office building would help encourage those new to naturopathic medicine to come our way. And come they did!

Fast forward nearly 33 years, with Massachusetts licensure now a reality, I finally have the beautiful, peaceful office setting I’d always dreamed of. What’s more, my extraordinary, capable, and dedicated husband did much of the renovation of our 1920s farmhouse himself -- after work or late at night -- in between other personal and professional commitments. It was a gift of love he gave me, with an open heart and sometimes through gritted teeth! 

When you’re in Northampton, swing by to say hi. If you need another healthcare opinion or ongoing care from Paul or I, or want to send a friend or family member, we will still see patients in Enfield or via telemedicine, and as of Feb 1st, at our pristine satellite clinic, you can see us in the heart of downtown Northampton. Call the number above to make an appointment at either locale.

Our work remains the same, though I hope our decades of practice have honed our skills. We aim to identify and treat the underlying cause of your health issues, to see you as a whole person, to stimulate your body’s inherent healing capacity, and to utilize the most gentle, natural medicine approaches first. We are so appreciative of the opportunity to do this work.

Here’s to your good health in 2019, with new adventures and a wish that some dream, large or small, comes true!
Drs. Amy (& Paul)
2019 Calendar Image
PS. Our 2019 calendar, from a photograph I took in our neighborhood, is now available. I enjoy making & sharing these, so if you'd like a hard copy of the calendar, print one out at your local copy store, get a few & share with friends!
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Medicine You Can Cook With: 10 Health Boosting
Ingredients for Winter & Beyond
by Amy Rothenberg ND

On my kitchen counter I often have turmeric root ( Curcuma longa ), garlic ( Allium sativa ) and ginger root ( Zingiber officinale ) to use in day-to-day cooking. Maybe you use these plant ingredients in  your own food preparation for color, beauty, or a punch of flavor. But did you know that each of these items also has a medicinal effect? When squeezed, chopped, grated, or sautéed, the impact of these plants on your body approximates taking an  anti-inflammatory a mild blood thinner  and an easy to absorb  digestive aid , in that order. To read more click here .
Recipe: Roasted Brussels Sprouts
Brussels Sprouts
Here’s a recipe that takes under two minutes to prepare (before popping in the oven) but everyone loves to eat!

Take your raw brussels sprouts, rinse. Drizzle with olive oil. Don’t be stingy! Put in the oven at 350˚F. Get in there & stir around a few times, try not to burn them. After about 20-30 minutes, voila! Roasted Brussels Sprouts, and even those who claim to hate the wee cabbages will fall in love.

I often serve with dinner as a side dish & resurrect from the fridge a day or two later to slice in half and have on a salad. I love to aim for 10 veggies a day, as research shows variety as well as quantity helps prevent everything from heart disease to cancer.

If you’re short on time, slice the little fellas in half before the drizzle, and they will cook faster. Great source of fiber, vitamins and anti cancer chemicals!
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A new organization close to our hearts has the mission to: provide the public with evidence guided and informed knowledge, in naturopathic and integrative treatments relevant in oncology, through access to and awareness of the most recent publications, lectures, research and multimedia.

Check out their website & help spread the word!
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