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Moving Air Can Be Exhausting with RuppAir Exhaust Fans
One of Rupp's Six US Manufacturing Plants
Every small, medium and large business owner has recently found new interest in how to move air. More fresh air in, better particulate filtering and less odor. Even your local bar and eating establishment is trying to fine new ways to get 100% air exchange in this CoVid-19 environment. Business people know their customers care so they need to care.

This is where RuppAir Management Systems comes in. Rupp has a wide range of exhaust fan products to meet the needs of whatever size business you have. From low air volume to commercial kitchen exhaust, Rupp knows how to get the air moving where you need it.

  • Axial Fans - Aluminum and steel propeller exhaust fans available in direct drive or belt drive
  • Roof mounted
  • Wall mounted

  • Centrifugal Fans
  • Ceiling and Cabinet Fans - Quiet operation in low exhaust airflow situations
  • Downblast - Used for general purpose ventilation in clean-air exhaust applications
  • Inline - Used to move supply and exhaust air in long duct runs
  • Upblast - Spun aluminum construction with high efficiency and reliability for general purpose or commercial kitchen exhaust applications.

  • Utility Sets - Heavy gauge construction for general purpose or commercial kitchen exhaust applications that require moderate to high amounts of static pressure

  • Gravity Vents - For fresh air intake or building pressure relief in natural gravity or negative pressure applications.

RuppAir Management Systems is more than just exhaust fans.

Check out their full product line --> HERE

High Volume
Low Speed
Using STOL Technology
Skyblade Fans knows that air movement equals evaporative cooling on hot summer afternoons. When established in 2010, their concept was to use large fans to deliver top efficiency to heating and cooling systems. Through extensive research and development, and by utilizing leading-edge Short Take-Off and Landing (STOL) technology from the air craft industry, the SkyBlade Fans team developed an airfoil design that moves more air with less energy consumption.

With this energy efficiency in mind, SkyBlade Fans reduces the need for heating by redistributing warmer air. They reduce or replace the need for air conditioning systems through increased air velocity creating an evaporative effect on the skin.

In their Sales Brochure they list multiple fan products available to de-stratify the air by HVLS (high volume and low speed.) From warehousing to fitness center to wineries and loading docks, Skyblade can help you save on energy, all by just moving more air.

Twin City Fan is Your Partner in Fighting Covid-19

At Twin City Fan, they have stocked up for filter applications in overflow hospitals to be fully prepared to meet the needs of this global pandemic. As an essential business, they are committed to remaining open and ready for business by operating all their manufacturing facilities throughout the country to rapidly respond to healthcare customers’ fan orders for COVID-19 projects.

By offering one of the most comprehensive industrial and commercial lines of fans in the air movement industry, they are able to manufacture their fans quickly for countless purposes including:

  • Field Hospitals: Model DSI, Model DCV and Model BCV fans are used to create a negative pressure in the rooms. They are commonly combined with a HEPA filter component.

  • ICUs

  • Laboratories
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