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Introduction to International Trade & Global Business and Fashion Law: Session 2

DateOctober 14, 2021Time6:00 PM

Session 2: Creating an Effective Export Plan
If you are planning to start a business, you need a business plan. If you are looking to get into exporting, you need an export plan. Creating an export plan will help you to identify the strengths and weaknesses to ensure the success of your project on the international market. Before diving in, learn all the aspects that go into an export plan and how to put them together for success in foreign markets..
Do You Need Help With Your Credit?

DateOctober 13, 2021Time6:00 PM

Credit is a critical component of your financial power. It facilitates things that you need in life such as a loan for a house, car or a credit card, based on your promise to pay later. Having great credit makes all the difference. Working to improve your credit helps ensure you'll qualify for loans when you need them.
Fire Your Landlord Seminar

DateOctober 13, 2021Time6:00 PM

According to the Federal Reserve's 2020 Survey of Consumer Finances, if you're a homeowner, chances are you're worth much more than someone who rents. Homeowners have a net worth that is more than 40 times greater than their renter counterparts, which reinforces the idea that owning a home is a smart financial move. What are you waiting for? Get ready to achieve your American Dream: home ownership. Attend our FREE seminar FIRE Your Landlord!
Become a Certified Travel Agent and Destination Specialist

DateOctober 18, 2021 | Time6:00 PM

We will discuss how travel, and the role of the Travel Agent, has changed over the years. We will also discuss niche travel areas and you will be encouraged to consider the niche areas you're are most interested in focusing on during the 4-week course.
Paralegal Certificate Program Orientation

DateOctober 28, 2021Time6:00 PM

This mandatory orientation is open only to Paralegal Students who have completed their registration. At the orientation, we will discuss:
  • An overview of the program
  • Introduction to CALI 
  • Introduction CLIO Legal Software
  • Tour of various websites pertinent to your educational need
Notary Public Training Course

DateDecember 8, 2021Time6:00 PM

This New York Notary Public Training course is designed to educate individuals with the legal terminology, concepts and clauses contained in the framework of the New York State Notary booklet.

  • Limited to 10 persons.
  • Must show proof of vaccination.
Business News

In October, National Women’s Small Business Month highlights the benefits and industry women bring to communities when they own a small business. With over 11 million (and growing!) women owning small businesses in the United States, there’s plenty of opportunities to get involved.
Grants & Money for Your Business
Restaurant Resiliency Program is Being Finalized for NYC Restaurants!

This $25 million grant program provides funding to restaurants that choose to provide meals and food to people within distressed or under-represented communities.
The NYS Pandemic Small Business Recovery Program

New York State launched the $800 million COVID-19 Pandemic Small Business Recovery Grant Program, which will provide grants of up to $50,000 to COVID-19 impacted small and micro businesses and for-profit independent arts and cultural organizations.
Interviews & Podcasts

Data shows that Black women are promoted more slowly than other groups of employees and are significantly underrepresented in senior leadership. Only 1% of C-suite leaders are Black women. There are also lower levels of funding for Black women business owners.
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