The Power of POWER:
the ability to master, have dominion and control.

May 16, 2019

Weekly Affirmation:

"I look within for divine wisdom and direction. The Christ Light illumines my path and I know the way to go!"


A Positive Path For Spiritual Living

Sunday Services
10:45 AM    Daily Word Reading
11:00 AM    Celebration Service
Rev. Anne Tabor                                                               3525 S. Bowen Rd
Senior Minister                                                                 Arlington TX  76016                                                     817-467-5151   

Knowing we are One, we celebrate peace, compassion,
and equality for all.
We empower people to live thriving spiritual lives.

Upcoming Services

Sunday, May 19, 2019
"When Your Spiritual GPS Goes Haywire"
11am, Rev. Anne Tabor
*YFM Pocket Change Sunday

Sunday, May 26, 2019
"Halfway Up The Mountain"
11am, Rev. Anne Tabor
*Fellowship Sunday

Sunday, June 2, 2019
"Are You an 'Inny' or an 'Outy'?"
11am, Rev. Paul John Roach, Guest Speaker

"When Your Spiritual GPS
Goes Haywire"
Sunday, May 19, 2019
11am, Rev. Anne Tabor

Have you ever experienced a moment when your "reliable GPS" went wack-a-doodle in your car and you had to trust your own inner guidance system instead? Join Rev. Anne as she explores several of the ways you can get back on track in the midst of difficult times... especially when navigating Divine Discontent! We will look at some powerful spiritual tools that are sure to help guide you along your journey. 
YFM Pocket Change Sunday
May 19, 2019
immediately following the service

Our youth continue the tradition of collecting pocket change after services once a month.  Pocket Change Sunday is now the third Sunday of the month. Your donation of pocket change is deeply appreciated!
"Halfway Up The Mountain "
Sunday, May 26, 2019
11am, Rev. Anne Tabor

Winston Churchill once said, "Never, never, never give up." But never is a really long time! This is why understanding our power of choice is so relative to our spiritual growth. Join Rev. Anne as we explore the meaning behind progress, not perfection. Because every choice you make moves you closer to or further away from your God-given authentic power.
"Are You an 'Inny' or an 'Outy'? "
Sunday, June 2, 2019
11am, Rev. Paul John Roach
Guest Speaker

Paul John Roach brings humor, passion and metaphysical insight to Jesus's powerful message in Matthew 5, which is more relevant than ever in today's world.

Paul is a native of Wales, UK. A graduate of Jesus College, Oxford University, he has BA and MA degrees in English and a postgraduate degree in Education from the University of Wales. Paul was ordained at Unity Ministerial School in Kansas City, Missouri in 1988. Paul served as the Senior Minister at Unity of Fort Worth from 1988 to 2018.

Paul has served the Unity movement on several boards and teams and currently serves on the board of Unity World Headquarters.

Paul hosts a weekly radio show entitled World Spirituality on the internet radio network. Paul has written a number of articles for Unity Magazine and other Unity publications. He is currently working on two books.

Paul has traveled extensively throughout the world including extended stays in India and Nepal. His interests include writing, poetry, ecological social action, birding, bicycling, walking, hiking, and gardening. Paul believes joy, laughter, and gratitude are essential qualities on the spiritual path.

Paul was married to Davis Hoffman-Roach from 1978 until her death in 2003. They have one daughter, Miriam. Paul married Wendy Vann in 2006. She is a builder, artist, and sailor, and active in service to the local community. Wendy has one daughter, Nataleigh.
Unity of Arlington
Board of Trustees

Dennis Persons - President
Shirley Cobb - Vice President
Dwain May - Treasurer
Rebecca Ratliff - Secretary
Aminia Baruti - Member
Lana Schramm - Member
Catherine Smith - Member
We Are A Tithing  Spiritual Community!

In April Unity of Arlington tithed a total of 10% to: 
  • Unity World Headquarters
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  • Silent Unity
  • Friends of the Archives
  • TruthUnity Ministries
  • Kit Holmes

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Volunteer Opportunities and Services
Save a Life with CPR
Saturday, May 18, 2019
10am-12pm, Garden Lane Center

We are delighted to offer the opportunity for everyone to learn CPR. This class, taught for us by Department of Justice Red Cross Certified employees, will give you the skills and information you need to successfully implement life saving CPR in an emergency. If it has been a while since you were trained it might be time for a refresher course. Our YFM teachers will receive certification. Others may attend the class to learn the techniques but we will not be able to offer certification for everyone. Please join us for this very important training. A sign-up sheet will be in the foyer beginning May 5, or contact Janette Jordan at 817-832-6251,

Reverend Anne Tabor, M.Div., is available by appointment for spiritual counseling sessions at Unity of Arlington in a safe and supportive environment. As an ordained Unity minister, Rev. Anne, offers spiritual counseling to individuals seeking
a deeper understanding of themselves and their divine power within to solve life's challenges. Spiritual counseling can help if there is a need for inspiration, crisis support, or healing in any area of your life.  Prayer and meditation are an integral part of Unity's spiritual principles, and an essential practice in realizing the answers we seek. We believe in the transformative power of affirmative prayer. You are a unique expression of God. Spiritual counseling will remind you of that!
Spiritual counseling is offered on a love offering basis. While no specific fee is expected or suggested, we do invite each person to leave a love offering. For more details, please call the church office 817-467-5151. 
Youth & Family Ministry

YFM classes meet in the Administration building, next to the Sanctuary, during the 11am Sunday Celebration Service. All children up to 14 years old must be signed in by an adult.  Our classes begin at 11:00 am, but children may arrive as early as 10:30 am. The Youth & Family Ministry at Unity of Arlington includes interactive educational programs for youth ages 4-18, as well as, a 
Nursery for infants and toddlers. We believe in learning through fun!

Unikids (pre-k, age 4 through 5th grade)

Children meet each Sunday morning during the 11:00 am service to explore spiritual truths through a Living Curriculum specifically designed to introduce them to the Unity Principles through interactive, fun activities, and meet their individual learning needs.

Uniteens (6th through 8 grade)

Our Uniteen group meets each Sunday to explore spiritual truths and how these truths relate to their personal lives. This is a safe place for youth in their preteen years (middle school) to connect with others and explore what they believe.  Our Uniteens attend weekend Unitreats for fellowship, lots of fun, and a chance to share their ideas and experiences with other Uniteens in the region.

Y.O.U. - Youth of Unity  (9th through 12th grade)

Youth of Unity (Y.O.U.) is an active teen ministry for high school students.
Teens gather on Sunday to explore and discover spiritual truths and learn how these truths  relate to their lives.  Our teens have the opportunity to attend weekend regional rallies for fellowship and sharing their ideas and experiences with other teens in the region.
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Community Partners Program

Don't forget when shopping at Kroger or Tom Thumb (Safeway/Randalls) you could be sending money to Unity of Arlington!  All you have to do is enroll your loyalty card in the Community Partners Program on their websites.    The Kroger code for Unity of Arlington is 91007. The Tom Thumb (Safeway/Randalls) is 4261.

Archived Sunday
Messages  and Meditations

Have you missed any of our messages or meditations? Or, would you like to hear one again? You can! All messages and
meditations are archived on our website, ,   under the heading  "Sunday Messages."  Happy listening!

Our Lost and Found is not exactly legendary, but If you are missing something like a scarf or a shawl it might have been turned in for safe keeping in the Administration Office.  We have a varied collection of items in the file cabinet so if there's something you've been missing it might just be that it is here, waiting to be found.

Silent Unity - uPray App

Download the free mobile prayer app from Silent Unity. Available for Apple and Android.

May Birthdays
May 1 - Len Ellis
May 10 - Christopher Lawson
May 12 - Maria Green
May 27 - Georgia Garrett
May 30 - Barbara Fleming


If you don't see your birthday included,  please let us know
and we'll add it to our list!
"We are a strong, loving community,
celebrating our wholeness and embracing our journey."

We are a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization supported by your tax-deductible donations.

We are grateful for all support, and are faithful that the Universe is prosperous!


Thank you, God!


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3525 S. Bowen Rd.
Arlington, TX 76016

10:45am Daily Word
11:00am Celebration Service

Find the Right Class for You!
What's Happening at Unity of Arlington

Join our ongoing classes! Check out these classes and MORE on our  Calendar!

7 pm
Healing Touch

1st Three Mondays of the Month

Call Rev. Marti Alley for
Appointments: 817-975-9467
$20 Suggested Love Offering



1:30 pm
Beginning April 9th:  Book Study 
facilitated by Rev. Gloria Cox, 817-472-5655

Halfway Up the Mountain by Martha Smock


7-8:30 pm
A Course In Miracles


7-8:30 pm Radiant Sounds Choir Rehearsal  


To read today's DAILY WORD , click the link below:


Principle #1:
There is only one Presence and one Power in the Universe and in my life,
God the Good.

Principle #2:
Human beings have a spark of divinity within them, the Christ spirit within.
Their essence is of God, and therefore they are also inherently good. 

Principle #3:
Human beings create their experiences by the activity of their thinking.
Everything in the manifest realm has its beginning in thought.

Principle #4:
Prayer is creative thinking that heightens the connection with God Mind and therefore brings forth wisdom, healing, prosperity, and everything good.

Principle #5:
Knowing and understanding the laws of life, also called Truth, are not enough.
A person must live the truth he or she knows.

Centered in the awareness of God's presence, we turn within for divine guidance in  all we do.
Love is our True Nature. We express the harmonizing power of love to
see good everywhere and in everybody. Love binds together the whole
human family.
We believe that all people are created with sacred worth. In a spirit of Unity,
we embrace each person as an expression of God grounded in truth and love.
We live, love, and laugh from our Oneness with God. We honor our inter-connectedness with each other, with all life, and the earth.
God is our Infinite Source of Good. We gratefully demonstrate prosperity in all areas of our lives. We wisely use our wealth of resources to serve our spiritual community and the world.
We cultivate enlightened leadership by practicing the teachings of Jesus the Christ through sacred service. It is a blessing to serve locally and globally.
We consciously choose to practice living our Core Values and Unity Principles rather than simply professing them. We choose to communicate from the heart with authenticity and deliver on our commitments with reliability.

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A positive path for spiritual living!