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When a Trophy is Not Just a Prize
(Musings of a Trophy Wife)

An award is not just a prize for winning. It can reflect dedication, effort and creativity. During these past few weeks of physical distancing and working from home, I realized just how imaginative and supportive people can be during a time like now. At first, it started off with medals that recognized current activities and supported habits in a reassuring manner:

Best Social Distancer
Most Colorful Driveway Chalk Design
Top Family Speller
(Not even DAD knew)
Johnson Family 1st Place Block Run
DM Place Medal triple
A larger, 3" wide weighty medal
Ten Star Art
Art Ten Star Medal
Budget friendly 2.25" medal
Spelling Bee Honeycomb Medal
Our custom, textured 3.25" medal with custom reverse image ribbon
Virtual Events and Competitions...

With the ways we are connecting altered, more 'virtual' trophies have come through...I actually didn't know that you could do some of these things...however, my teen son informed me that "Yes MOM, you simply..." Here are a few of my favorites:

1 st Place Virtual Trivial Pursuit
I beat dad in Table Tennis!  Victory is MINE!
#1 Best Game Show Host / Quarantine Edition McCaffries LAN PARTY BEAST
Best Zoom Pet Bomb
Virtual Beer Pong Champion

A very special email came through from a customer who we sent a bowling trophy to his 92 year old grandma. She has improved her wii bowling score by 90 while at home. Now she wants the bigger trophy for her NEXT 90 point improvement!
Up to 4 lines of engraving!
CM-99001 dec mic
Perfect for any DJ or Singer
Controller in hand, Victory is HIS
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